Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for these facts available @ . When asked if playing a transsexual in the movie Grilled was a challenge, Silvia facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

When asked if playing a
transsexual in the movie
Grilled was a challenge,
Silvia Verna said No.
because I look like a
transsexual anyway.‘
The Eiffel Tower requires 50 to
60 tonnes of paint to coverted
entire structure. The tower is
also painted a lighter shade at
the bottom and a darker shade
near the top to counteract the
effect of atmospheric
Ki :cassea: ts. com
If everyone in the world
lived like a resident of the
United States, we would
T _ need the resources of 15 ,
x" planet Earths for
w r sustainable supply-
When Microsoft released
Windows 2000, a guy
named Bob owned the
domain name
com and
to own Bob. com. They
came to an agreement's
trade one form other in
Teams at Whole Foods vote whether new employees can stay orage
Not only are there radar
L, - detectors, but there are also
and even radar
e: n 2008, Business Gerald
s Mellie committed suicide
Ci A _ »fortree and cummingthe
otherone around hiscock.
He then drove away from
V. the tree in his Aston
7 Martin. He was decapitated
of Batman Begins. someone crashed into the
Batmobile in a state llpanic thinking itwas an invading alien spacecraft
When John mus, theboomer Dutch Minister of Foreign
d Affairs, Kennedy asked for his unanswered: "I ink horses",
If Kennedy, struck with surprise responded: "Pardon?", mus replied: "Yes,
r" paarty". Yker means to breed', and 'horses' means 'paarty' in Dutch
biggrizzly scarpering his exploration of _
Missouri River. newground by the
bear, he got up and repeatedly stabbed the dealwith
J. his knife until it died Hews left for dead 200 miles
from the nearest settlement He had a broken leg, cuts
bare ribs, and He
regained consciousness, set his leg, used maggots to
eat his dead flesh, arid crawled hizzay backto
civilization over Weeks. He survived on roots, berries,
and even chased wolves a .
When home, he got his rifle backend ,
continued his
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