Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for the facts available @ . Alison Brie had a guyfriend in College just so he could thathe ' was -e response,  facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

Alison Brie had a
guyfriend in College just so
he could thathe '
was -e
response, Lay' s developed a
new shape of salt that
delivered the same taste,
but allowed them to use
25% less salt ,.
Ben meek once asked Michael
Bay on the set ;
f Wouldn' t it make more senseless
to train experienced astronauts
how to drill instead who other
way around (7), and Bay
responded “shut the Mock up."
merge k Tsoukalos, famous
meme and 'Ancientaliens'
expert, has no academic
background in any field relevant
tothe show. instead,
bachelor' s degree in sports
information and was previously a
bodybuilder promoter
in "Orange is the New Black" is played bya
transgender woman with an identical twin brother who plays in
t f flashbacks _ '
When Mel Blane. the famous
Loony Toons voice actor, fell into
a coma, he was unresponsive
until a neurosurgeon addressed
J M C him as Bugs Bunny... to which he
replied, ". What' s up doc?"
As a graduate student at [JO
Berkeley. mathematician George
showed up late to a statistics
class and famously
unsolved statistics problems as a
homework assignment. He solved
them and turned them in a few days
later, believing his assignment was
After the atomic bombing.
some Hiroshima survivors grew
black fingernails," which were
strange misshaped
that contained active blood
vessels and bled profusely
the - - In Norse mythology, Loki
tied one end ofa rapetor
w around and
d L V began agame of tug of
r, war. and
howled in turn, until at last
Loki fell over
In 2012, Anthony Oman took machete to the face while defending an
Kenyan orphanage from attacking thieves saving 37 orphans.
The attack was in revenge to the robbery when Anthony threw a
Al I tugeye. r.
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User avatar #49 to #6 - thempc (07/09/2014) [-]
holy **** i looked at it for like 5 seconds before i noticed the alien in the window
User avatar #81 to #49 - thesovereigngrave (07/09/2014) [-]
I didn't even notice the alien in the window until I read your comment.

And I've seen this same exact image before too.
User avatar #85 to #81 - ausamo (07/09/2014) [-]
i didnt even notice your reply until i clicked "show replies"
#2 - slias (07/08/2014) [-]
Something tells me that Alison Brie's friend was never even slightly gay.
#8 to #2 - abcdxyz (07/08/2014) [-]
Judging from what she said in the interview it actually sounds like the guy could have been
#30 to #8 - strumzz (07/08/2014) [-]
#88 to #2 - anon (07/09/2014) [-]
Alison Brie makes my penis angry. Stephano hits me at night while I sleep.
User avatar #4 to #2 - wunderlichh (07/08/2014) [-]
I really have to try this trick as well
User avatar #129 to #4 - senseiweasel (07/09/2014) [-]
It's scary how well it works. I used to visit a friend at Uni halfway across the country (that's England, so not that far) whenever there was a big party on. At the time I was pretty goth and effeminate (crushed red velvet jacket, black silk shirts etc etc - I thought I looked cool :/ ), and he'd introduce me as "my gay friend Anon". Scored nearly every time with girls who wanted to "turn" me.
#24 - doctorprofessornv (07/08/2014) [-]
What if History channel purposely hired someone incompetent to represent the ancient alien theory so as to publicly discredit ancient alien theorists, thus hiding the truth from the masses.
Or maybe history channel should just go back to showing actual history instead of ******* ice road truckers, ancient aliens, and pawn stars
User avatar #35 to #24 - yaybacon (07/08/2014) [-]
I like Pawn Stars
User avatar #48 to #24 - vgmddg (07/08/2014) [-]
History Lesson for the History Channel
#27 to #24 - jbthegiant (07/08/2014) [-]
DONT TALK **** ABOUT PAWN STARS ************ !


lol I love that show........
#117 to #27 - lampyridae (07/09/2014) [-]
Almost as glorious as
Almost as glorious as
User avatar #29 to #24 - Tyranitar (07/08/2014) [-]
I think they show Pawn Stars because of how often they get old historic artifacts brought it.

The show is pretty much educational programming.
User avatar #33 to #29 - doctorprofessornv (07/08/2014) [-]
True, although I heard rumors that the artifacts aren't actually brought in, instead the camera crew pulls people aside, gives them a random artifact, and tells them to act like they're bringing it it. Not sure if it's true or not, but It does seem kind of suspicious that this one particular pawn shop seems to get tons of valuable historic artifacts on a daily basis.

I will admit that I enjoy ancient aliens to some extent, if not for actual historical content then just for its interesting speculation. Although I do think History Channel is doing people a disservice by touting false/misleading information.
User avatar #38 to #33 - Tyranitar (07/08/2014) [-]
Never thought about it. I always thought they filmed for a few days then put it into one episode, but I suppose it is suspicious that they get all this cool stuff, and it's always recorded. I don't think they would record entire business days to get one, maybe two interesting items per day for the show.
User avatar #145 to #38 - jbthegiant (07/09/2014) [-]
I can tell you what they do (In my opinion) what they do is they have camera crews there, and when someone DOES bring in something awesome or badass, they pull them aside and do the whole paperwork deal for being on tv etc, they then do the in between interviews (Like how much they want to get, and the bottom dollar amount they are willing to accept) they might give them a few lines to say like "I think this is a confederate officers pistol" when its a Union pistol etc. so that Rick and the guys can talk about the true nature of the items. a bit scripted, but still fun to watch.

one of the reasons I dont think its totally fake is in the video I attached, The lead singer of the Rock band A Day To Remember brought in one of his old, expensive guitars to sell for some spending cash (it was before they really took off as a band) anyway, I doubt they would bring him in and give him a guitar to sell etc.
Jeremy McKinnon on pawn stars
User avatar #39 to #24 - kristovsky ONLINE (07/08/2014) [-]
It's as if one day the head guy at the history channel said "you know what guys, I think we have done enough documentaries about the Nazi's and Ancient Egypt......"
#37 to #24 - jdizzleoffthehizzl (07/08/2014) [-]
#17 - thechosentroll (07/08/2014) [-]
I feel like Norse mythology can be summed up with "Hi, I'm Loki and this is Jackass".
I feel like Norse mythology can be summed up with "Hi, I'm Loki and this is Jackass".
User avatar #20 to #17 - bastardusnorvegi (07/08/2014) [-]
basically yes
#66 to #17 - deckbox has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #97 to #17 - lordlolland (07/09/2014) [-]
Well it starts off with some patricide and midget abuse in the Nordic creation myth, but after that then it is as you said basically Loke that does stupid and crazy **** , ***** things and pisses others off and convince others to do stupid **** .
User avatar #101 to #17 - doomfish (07/09/2014) [-]
It cant, but it is pretty cool.
#45 to #17 - ohhitheree (07/08/2014) [-]
My favorite is the one where Loki conviced Thor to wear a dress.
User avatar #28 to #17 - Tyranitar (07/08/2014) [-]
Norse: "Loki's Jackass"
Greek: "Can Zeus Put His Dick In That?"
Egyptian: "Where's Osiris?: Body Part Scavenger Hunt"
User avatar #31 to #28 - thechosentroll (07/08/2014) [-]
I think the Greek's more along the lines of "What will Zeus stick his dick in this week?". We know he can and will stick his dick in anything. The question is what it will be.
User avatar #55 to #31 - vatra (07/09/2014) [-]
Last week on "What Will He Stick it in Next?" Zeus impregnated a cow! This week we'll see how much success Zeus has with a human female while he takes the form of a swan!
#108 to #31 - greyhoundfd ONLINE (07/09/2014) [-]
Anything? Are you sure?
#160 to #28 - theowerdawg ONLINE (07/13/2014) [-]
well Loki ****** a lot of animals too, he made the Fenris, the midgårdorm and even sleipnir. He basically ****** a woman the gave birth to a Wolf, Worm and a child named Hel. Sleipnir was the offspring of Loki and a horse.
User avatar #14 - I Am Monkey (07/08/2014) [-]
Alison Brie's friend is a straight mastermind.
User avatar #92 to #14 - assdoreponyfucker ONLINE (07/09/2014) [-]
le eyebrow i know what you have done me-me
#53 - themassivefail ONLINE (07/09/2014) [-]
You mean to tell me... Allison Brie fell for that?

Dudes got game.
#73 - ampy (07/09/2014) [-]
#146 to #73 - lazygemini (07/09/2014) [-]
They grow hard!
They grow hard!
#89 - hashtronaut (07/09/2014) [-]
Plot twist: the guy was just pretending to be gay.

#78 - Harkonnen (07/09/2014) [-]
Alison Brie...I think I might be gay...please let me 			****		 you
Alison Brie...I think I might be gay...please let me **** you
#32 - theycallmedingus (07/08/2014) [-]
"Train experienced drills how to astronaut."
#77 to #32 - thedudeintheshirt (07/09/2014) [-]
I know right? I still don't understand what he meant to say.
#110 to #32 - anon (07/09/2014) [-]
Obviously michael bay wanted to teach some drillers astronaut **** when it is way easier to teach astronauts how to work the shovel
#9 - arcticastronaut (07/08/2014) [-]
Now imagine having blood vessels and nerves in your hair
#65 to #9 - Zyklone (07/09/2014) [-]
the horror
User avatar #69 to #9 - godoftheanons (07/09/2014) [-]
I heard, in my backward ass hick small town school, that your hair does have nerves until you're around 3-4. That's why babies cry while their hair is being cut, however I'm not going to look it up before I post this.
User avatar #71 to #69 - godoftheanons (07/09/2014) [-]
Okay I'm retarded, and I blame my upbringing.
User avatar #96 to #71 - irevolutions (07/09/2014) [-]
sounds like you went to a backward ass hick small town school
User avatar #123 to #96 - godoftheanons (07/09/2014) [-]
Could that one day be the new, more annoying version of that song "One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater"? Good luck getting that out of your head now.
User avatar #127 to #123 - irevolutions (07/09/2014) [-]
i hope so
#118 to #9 - spaghettiprophet (07/09/2014) [-]
Imagine getting a haircut
Imagine getting a haircut
User avatar #56 to #9 - mymommasallama (07/09/2014) [-]
coupled with the mutant fingernails....i think a lot of itches would go unscratched
#22 to #9 - okamiterasu (07/08/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
#60 - crazykidwithaknife (07/09/2014) [-]
machete to the face
machete to the face
User avatar #19 - kumimono (07/08/2014) [-]
"You know Alison. I'm still not sure..."

Or he went through the back door, enjoyed it, and his suspicions were confirmed.
#72 - EdwardNigma ONLINE (07/09/2014) [-]
The goat.
#54 - rundas (07/09/2014) [-]
Damn, at first I thought Allison Brie's gay friend was female...
Damn, at first I thought Allison Brie's gay friend was female...
#36 - Sworley ONLINE (07/08/2014) [-]
loki losing
loki losing
User avatar #47 to #36 - vgmddg (07/08/2014) [-]
*Tumblr losing
#116 - lotengo (07/09/2014) [-]
Implying annie is not the cure for homosexuality   
 i bet her farts smell like srawberries and vanilla
Implying annie is not the cure for homosexuality

i bet her farts smell like srawberries and vanilla
User avatar #119 to #116 - soggypancakes ONLINE (07/09/2014) [-]
Ohhh you just got the hots for everyone.

I bet you'd love to plow me.
User avatar #122 to #119 - lotengo (07/09/2014) [-]
After seeing ur pics

yes, i really want to
#11 - AnonymousDonor (07/08/2014) [-]
>a new shape of salt

************* salt?

Na + Cl

how the **** do you change that
im calling ********
User avatar #135 to #11 - ciacheczko (07/09/2014) [-]
"Common salt-forming cations include:

Ammonium NH4+
Calcium Ca2+
Iron Fe2+ and Fe3+
Magnesium Mg2+
Potassium K+
Pyridinium C5H5NH+
Quaternary ammonium NR4+
Sodium Na+
Common salt-forming anions (parent acids in parentheses where available) include:

Acetate CH3COO− (acetic acid)
Carbonate CO32− (carbonic acid)
Chloride Cl− (hydrochloric acid)
Citrate HOC(COO−)(CH2COO−)2 (citric acid)
Cyanide C≡N− (hydrocyanic acid)
Fluoride F− (hydrofluoric acid)
Nitrate NO3− (nitric acid)
Nitrite NO2− (nitrous acid)
Phosphate PO43− (phosphoric acid)
Sulfate SO42− (sulfuric acid)"

That's a bit more than just NaCl.
#12 to #11 - salsawin (07/08/2014) [-]
Salt, depending on how it's crystallized, can take on a variety of different matrix structures

Apparently some of these structures are easier to taste than others?
#13 to #12 - AnonymousDonor (07/08/2014) [-]
sure thats one way to put it, but i was pretty sure salt only conformed to the body-centered cubic packing

i mean its still just Na+ and Cl- and as atoms theyre gonna pack in to form the least energetic formation

you would have to add something else in there.....Mg perhaps
User avatar #18 to #13 - ezombio (07/08/2014) [-]
Most likely.
I don't really expect my Table Salt to be pure NaCl or my bicarbonate of Soda to be NaHCO3
Whatever was added/taken away probably does something to your senses, rather than actually taste stronger.
As only a A-level chemist I assume flavours/smells are all aromatic compounds, but I can't imagine there's room for those in a salt crystal.
User avatar #95 to #13 - fuckscreennames (07/09/2014) [-]
salt isn't always NaCl you know, it can really be any metal plus a halogen. common table is primarily NaCl, but not entirely even, more often than not it has at least iodine and probably trace amount of other **** in it
User avatar #137 - mrhazzy (07/09/2014) [-]
So I think I may be gay...

#141 to #137 - hikikomori (07/09/2014) [-]
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