Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio. Sources for the facts available at - . hati' r" she posed nude in 4 Playboy at age 19, Drew Barrymore received a quilt facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Random Interesting Facts Compilatio

hati' r" she posed nude in
4 Playboy at age 19, Drew
Barrymore received a quilt
Spielberg for her 20th
Birthday with a
love with and
accommodate into your
life, you lose two close
1 inthemouth world. The
fourth was destroyed by
flod, the third by fire,
Jaguars ate everybody
T l rate of US gun violence has
garb no
NASA estimates that theville of
minerals in the asteroid belt exceeds
erraugh billion derperson alive
When shrimp ( inches
big) was provoked by a researcher,
l the animal punched its aquarium
l vraly, sheltering the glass and
3 flooding the owe. The mantis
nu} the water around it when delivered.
g" Aiso, types of
cone cells in its eyes,
T ' l whereas humans "
V types of cone cells I
In , the United States
Postal Service attempted to
deliver mail by cruise missile
and successfully shipped ,
Cr cargo from ___
wires! Florida in 22 minutes T‘
In mo, an of the
United States Air Force entered a tlad spin
forcing pilot Lt Gary Must to eject at
approx , 000 feet. Undiluted, the
15, aircraft recovered on its own and
T t miraculously made a gentle belly landing
in a Montana field. l
became know as the ''(Field Bomber",
a- although the pilot ll To ust ism sure why,
since l wasn' ta ‘comb dd' and the
x certainly want a bomber
pilot dacolonel William
Rankin ejected from his plane
directly into a violent thunder cloud.
The storm winds kept him aloft for
40 minutes, petting him with
hailstones and so much rain that at
times he had to hold his breath to
keep from drowning in
In 2013, when an 80. yearold
Russian villager named
gameface a
Mar, to tight it. He
headhunted the beam theme with
iii forend. then kicked itin the
balls a In Then,
overthrew him overe cliff, he
plummeted dozens meet. slammed
I into therock below, and fell
unconscious. '
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