Some Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . In 1980, Cosmopolitan' released an article saying charwomen should notwork about contrac facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Some Interesting Facts Compilation

In 1980, Cosmopolitan'
released an article saying
charwomen should notwork
about contracting HIV from
infected men and that "most
N _ heterosexuals are notad
arisa", claiming it was
impossible to transmit HIV
in the missionary position
Due to their small brains
males are unable to perform
A coronary bypass surgery
in India _
procedure costs around '
385’ in USA
n fired y
ll, 345 air tram controllers ,
z refused to end their
I Cstrike. They were' , -4
subsequently banned them g."
from federal semi for life "
There' s a colony in Brazil
populated by descendants
of between 2, 000 and
4, 000 Confederate
refugees who chasero
leave the United
after they lost the American
Civil War
Howard Stern ran for
Governor of New York in 1994
promisingly limit mad work
to night hours. He eventually
withdrew, but ,
The Howard Stern Bill was
signed into law which limited
mad constuction in New Vork
City and Long Island to night
C hours
V Henry Ford once balked at paying
000 to General Electricfad
work done on troubleshooter's
generator, and asked form
itemized billede engineering
T perfumed the work Charles
Steinmetz, seenthis:" Making .
l chalk mark on generator, .
i Knowing where to make mark
An asthmatic boy named Ryan
Gibbons from Ontario died in
2012 from a severe asthma
attack because the school forbid
asthma inhalers. boy
was dying, the inhalers sat in a
safe at the principals office
Jim Carrey sucked on
Shannon Wherry' s real boob
which had
Me. Myself g Irene". Hem
so humiliated that he had to
before each
Grant was spearfishing with girfriends‘
earlier this year when he was attacked by
what he believed was a sevengali shark He
fought by stabbing it multiple
times with his knife. When he reached the
shore. he saw bites up to 5 cm long. He
stitched using ifirst aid kit,
before pint nearby
pub with girfriends
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