Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . Club, Helena Bonham Carter insisted that her makeup artist apply all of her eye makeup facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

Helena Bonham Carter
insisted that her makeup
artist apply all of her eye
makeup with hewlett
hand, as she did not
believe that Marla Singer
would be someone who
was particularly good at
applying makeup ks
word "masturb tio rid won an Emmy in writing
Jehovah' s Witnesses have d'
I falsely predicted the end
timothy Brown is the fiat ever
man to be cured of HIV. He was
living with HIV when he was
diagnosed with Leukaemia. He
received a blood stem cell ll
transplant from a don or who
had a rare HIV . '
K Today he is HIV negative ' 't
disfigures our brains to cope well in
stressful situations
Billy Joel gives of
his front row tickets to
f !'r: (irn cheap seats so that the
V 1 'SPC'" wealthy people
Tn I
Singer Tom Waits
successfully sued the MPO in
1977. Hewas wrongfully
arrested for disturbing the
peace when, outside a coffee
shop, he intervened agroup
2 offen who were bullying
were plainclothes officers
When Russia’ s Peter the
Great found his wife had a
lover, he had the man
beheaded, then forced her to
keep her lovers head in a jar
which stood in Catherine' s
bedroom till Peter' s death
W , . Ozzy [Monroe' s entire
T I gene me was once
I analyzed by scientists to
A , by F determine how his body
V survived decades of drug
tr abuse, but it didn’ t
actually explain anything
Ki: cassea:
NASA' s first trip into span!
was made possible in part by
an African
fl American scientist who was in
charge of calculating the
rockets flight trajectory. Her
work was that, even
after NASA had switched to
computers, they would call on
berm check for any mistakes '
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