Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . hilt Shakira was rejected l s from higschool' s grade because the l r music teacher f  facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

hilt Shakira was rejected
l s from higschool' s
grade because the
l r music teacher
f like a goat
The season 6 blueray of
Dexter had an unskippable
trailer that spoiled that
season' s failage
In BE Australia had a government shutdown. In the end, all the members
of Myd and than elections were held to restart from
scratch. They haven' t had another shutdown since l
f Any North Koreans that
escape to South Korea are
I , . .7, 7 I V automatically granted
f 4 . _ citizenship upon arrival,
T _ , after interrogating to make
N sure they aren' t North korean
spies or assassins
In 1963, a man knocked down
y await onhis home. Behind it,
g? . ’ H " ii g __ he discovered a mysterious F
r WI L) "r; 2% intricate tunnel system with ,
A Wm, '.F,' iaf, _ i t additional wavelike rooms?
Egg 3 am m What he had discovered wasn
the ancient l] ' T
underground city in Turk
I 20, 000 square km _ Itwas a level 6 disaster
V ." vie ( Fukushima were level n, -
making's method most serious molar:
accident ever recorded. Thecrew was g
turned intoa preservers coverup the
accident. The CIA knew ofthe accident. but
also covered itup in orderin protect the
fledgling US ' hysteria
Afterr Florida Highway Patrol
a Miami cop for
driving in excess of on
his watto an ) she -
was relentlessly harassed by
h' Meag out that her driver' s
license info had been accessed
by 88 officers from 25 agencies
W over three months
a I f Ar' Arnold
over his own voice in the
s Kennan version of
Terminator, because his
4 i' Austrian accent "wasn' t
Ki . com
2 After his abdication. Murat ll ofthe'
H _ from his son, Mehmet II:
If you are the sultan, come and
1 lead your armies. If I am the sultan I
H hereby order you to come and lead
In NB, a Bosnian shepherd named Blaze
Movie was attacked by a hear when he
i' 't draw the small hand ax he kept on his
I was tending to . Unable to
person. he defended himself by grabbing
b the beans throat and
death. Hethen travelled more than a mile
over rough,
he contact an ambulance and
be tr t it m number of
i lacerations 4
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