Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . 7 Before she found I fame, Megan Fox worked at a smoothie shop and she dressed up as a facts Awesome amazing kickass
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

7 Before she found
I fame, Megan Fox
worked at a smoothie
shop and she dressed
up as a bananaed
attract customers I
James Cameron altered the
stars in the night sky of the
raft scene in titanic 30 after
Neil Degrasse Tyson sent him
a "snarky email" pointing out
that the startede would have
been different in
The Jack Daniels distillery in
Linchy org, Tennessee, wit
sell any liquor because it is
in a dry county. Instead, they
sell commemorative Jack
Daniels bottles that happen
to have whiskey in them
Amazon' s profits form
entire existence are still less
than what takes
home every 2. 5 weeks
In , a Soviet pilot defected
to Japan in his advanced
fighter, which Russia demanded
be returned. Japan complied, but
only after allowing American
engineers to examine the
aircraft. Japan than shipped it
back piece by piece, and billed
Russia , 000 in transport and
Rt yell "someone stole my wallet"
so everyone around them pats
their wallets,
pocket valuables are held in
While filming Blues Brothers,
m John Belushi disappeared from
é l the set. Dan Ackmed went door
to door . A
I homeowner told him, “[, you
mean Belushi? He came in here
an hour ago and raided my
fridge. He' s asleep on my couch."
I Irv‘
can give you
ha scient global amnesia, a
condition that causes you to
Iownall of your memories fora
couple of hours. It' s a rare
condition. affecting only
to 5 people per
100, 000 each year
If : karkats a
1 To combat the Bubonic plague“
plague doctors ofthe 17th
In 1987, Gabi, a female l
German Shepherd guard dog
in the Belgrade Zoo fought
N,' “""‘ and defeated an escaped
in doing so saved
the life of a zoo employee. ,
recovered and continued ,
working's aquard dog
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