Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . Actress Emma Arterton was born with 6 fingers on each hand. The doctor who delivered h facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

Actress Emma Arterton
was born with 6 fingers
on each hand. The doctor
who delivered her tied off
the extra fingers with
sutures. They fell off,
r Hideki. attempted suicide
3 -I after the surrender. Hewas
saved and .re's. imitated by
V I '' ' Allied forces, who then hanged
While debut album to freedom, Sublime did not have
permission to use the studio they were using. Their friend muck them in.
Bradley Nowell had said "...they never knew we were there. We managed to
get , 000 worth of studio time fortree."
direct the Harry Potter I”
movies and said "It' sjust like
withdrawing a billion dollars
I and putting it into your
I personal .
l .9 , " c There' s M challenge
The Fibonacci
Sequence was
described by an Indian
mathematician Pinball
4200 years before
Fibonacci wrote of it
In Iceland, belief in elves is still
prevalent enough
building projects. In Dec of 2013,
C, Elf Advocates urged the Icelandic
Road and Coastal Commission to l
W abandon a highway project for
fear of disturbing an elf habitat
that includes an elf church
In 2011, a Rus n woman
named Familyy
woke up at
only to difora
heart attack from the shock
During the aftermath's Ila
MO bridge
killed 14 people, a convicted
SA has klaidcraft carriers, compared to the’.
é,’ bestintheworldd' combined strength
cancers USA‘: navy is larger. in tonnage, than
e p Caf, the nextlol largest combined
V its Coast Guard, if .‘
v TV __ would constitute the '
t ‘i Force America also operates 993% ofthe .
worlds entire operational stealth aircraft. The‘
amount met in l
the states of Florida and -
constitute the wadd' sohard largest Air Force
Mikhail Mikaela, a Russian Marine volunteered
in the Battle of Stalingrad. When the Soviets were
C reduced to mere hundreds, Genna's drove tanks
to collapse them and bury
Out grenades.
F Panicanna lit a Molotov cocktail. when a bullet
q I C struck the bottle and engulfed him in flames.
7 Despite . repacked
N Molotov. climbed on top ofthe tankard smashed
the bottle on the engine tank.
I along with Panicanna, exploded almost
immediately. Germans retreated
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