Halo randoms 6. Share with me all your Halo pics and vids!. WHEN You JUST NEED Tto GET THE HEII, OUT OF THERE.. I LOVE STAR WARS!!
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**** retreating!
My friend an I would always do the level The Covenant on Legendary, at the end of which there are two Scarabs at once while you get Hornets. I would fly the thing while he jumped on the side with a sniper rifle. I would then fly over to the one on the left, drop him right down the middle ramp, fly over to blow the **** out of the other Scarab while he destroys it from the inside. Somehow, we ALWAYS hit the sweet spots at the same time. I would then fly back to his, blow off the back of it before I get there, fly next to it and have him jump to my Hornet and grab on like a ******* boss and I fly the hell outta there before that ****** explodes into glorious plasmodic rubble.
**** yea, teamwork!
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