I Before E, Except After C. I found about 530 exceptions to this tule. I before E, but not after C, except for: Amati, Abseiled. Abseiler, Abseiling, Abseils, A i before e Exceptions grammar nazi
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I Before E, Except After C

I Before E, Except After C. I found about 530 exceptions to this tule. I before E, but not after C, except for: Amati, Abseiled. Abseiler, Abseiling, Abseils, A

I found about 530 exceptions to this tule

I before E, but not after C,
except for:
Amati, Abseiled. Abseiler, Abseiling, Abseils, Absenteeism. Accuracies, Ageing, ewe.
Ageism, Agencies, Agreeing, Albeit. Ancient, Anciently. Ancients, Aristocracies,
Atheism, Atheist, Atheism, Atheistically, Atheists, Autocracies, , ,
Beige, Beijing, Being, Beings, Beirut, Blueish, Brunei, Bureaucracies.
Canoeing, Maturest, Canoeists, Cavern, Ceilidh, Ceilidhs. Ceiling, Ceilings, ,
Chancier, Chanciest, Codeine, Coefficient, Coefficients, Competencies, ,
Conceit, Conceited, Concetta, Conceivability. ,. Conceivably, Conceive,
Conceived. Conceives, Conceiving, Concierge, Conscience. Conscience.
Conscientious, Conscientious]; , ,
Conspiracies, Constituencies, Consultancies, , Contingencies,
Counterfeit, counterfeited, Counterfeiters. Counterfeiting, Counterfeits.
Cutting, Cuneiform. Currencies, Cysteine, Decaffeinate, Decaffeinated, Deceit, Deceitful.
Hecate, Deceive, Deceived, Deceiver, Deceives, Deceiving, Decreeing,
Deficiencies. Deficiency, Deficient, Degeneracies, . Deified, Deities, Deity,
Deifying. Deism, Dent. lactate. Deities, Deity, Delicacies, Democracies, Dependencies,
Diciest, Disagreeing. Discrepancies, Driven, . Dyeing, Dyeing, Efficiencies,
Efficiency, Efficient, , Eider, Eiderdown. Eidetic. ,
Ii' , Eigenstate, Eigenstates, Eigenvalue, Eigenvalues, Eight, Eighteen,
Eighteenth, Eightfold. Eighth, Eighties, Eightieth, Eightpence, Eights, Eighty, Einstein,
Eire, Eisteddfod, Either, Emergencies, Excellencies, , Expectancies, Eyeing,
Fallacies, Fancied, Fancier, Fanciers. Faeries, Fanciest, Farseeing, Featherweight, Paige,
Feigning, Feigns, Hint. Feinted, Feinting, Feints, Financier, Frannie's,
Fleeing, Flowe_ ight, Foreign, Foreigner, Foreigners, Foreignness, Foreseeing, Forfeit,
Forfeited, , Forfeits, Forfeiture, Freeing, Freight, Freighted, Freighter,
Freighters, Freights, Frequencies, Geiger, Geisha, Crashes. , Glacier,
Glaciers, {Hieing, (ironies. Guaranteeing, Hacienda, Heavyweight, Heavyweights, Heifer,
Heifers, Height, Heighten, Heightened, Heightening, Heightens, Heights, Heisman,
Heir, Heiress, Heiresses, Heirloom, Heirlooms, Heirs, Heist, Heists, Herein,
Hereinafter, Heterogeneity, Hieing, , Homogeneity. Hundredweight,
Hundredweights, Idem iciest, Idiocies, , . inaccuracies,
Inadequacies, , , Inconsistencies, Inefficiencies, Inefficiently,
Inefficient, inefficiently, inhomogeneities, inhomogeneity, insolvencies, ,
Insufficient, Insufficiently, intimacies, intricacies, reweigh, inveighing, Inveigle,
Inveigled, Inveigler, inveiglers, , J teeter, Juiciest, Kaleidoscope,
Kaleidoscopic, teeter, latencies, Legacies, Leipzig, Leisure, Leisured, Leisurely,
Leisurewear, Leitmotif, Leitmotifs, Leitmotiv, Leitmotivs, Lightweight, Lightweights.
Lorelei, Lunacies. Madeira, Makeweight, Malignancies, Meiosis, Meiotic, Menzies,
Middleweight, Misconceived, Monotheism, Monotheist, Monotheistic, Monotheists,
Neigh, Neighbour, Neighbourhood, Neighbourhoods, Neighbouring, ,
Neighbours, , Neighing, Neither, Neuroscience, Neuroscientists,
Nuclei, Nucleic, C' , , omniscience, Denise. aent, Outweigh,
Outweighed, , Outweighs, Overseeing, Overweight, Pantheists, l' apatheist,
Pantheistic, Paperweight, Paperweights, Perishable. Perceive, Perceived, Perceives,
Perceiving. Pharmacies, Piraeus, Plebeian, Policies, Poltergeist, Poltergeists,
Polytheists, , Polytheistic, Polytheists, Pompeii, Poseidon, Potency's,
Preconceived. Pregnancies, Residencies, Pricier, I? proficiencies, , Proficient,
Providently, Prophecies, Protein, Proteins, Queueing, Racine Raciest, Receipt.
Receipted, Receipts, Receivable, Receive, Received, Receiver, Receivers, Receivership,
Receives, Receiving, Redundancies, Referencing, , Reich, Reification, Reiter, Reign,
Reigned, Reigning, Reigns. Reimburse, Reimbursed. Reimbursement, Reimburses,
Reimplemented, Reimplementing, Reimporting,
Reimpose, Reimposed, Rein, , Reincarnated, Reincarnating, Reincarnation,
Reincarnations. Reindeer, Rained, Reinfection, Reinforce, Reinforced, Reinforcement,
Reinforcments, Reinforces, Reinforcing, Reining, Re' , Reinitialise,
Reinitialised, Reinitialising, Reins, Reinsert, , Reinstall, Reinstalled,
Reinstalling, Reinstate, Reinstated, Reinstatement, Reinstates, Reinstating,
Reinsurance. Reintegration, Reinterpret. Reinterpretation, Re' ,
Reinterpreting, Reintroduce, Reintroduced, Reintroduces, Reintroducing,
Reintroduction. , Reinvent, Reinvented, Reinventing, ,
Reinventions. Reinvents, Reinvent, Reinvented, Reinvestigation, Reinvestment,
Reinvigorate, Reinvigorated, Reissue, Reissued, Reissues, Reissuing, Reiterate,
Reiterated, Reiterates, Reiterating, Reiteration, Rerouteing, Reveille, Reweighed, Shein,
Ribonucleic. Rousting, Sander, Sauciest, Science. Sciences, Scientific, Scientifically,
Scientist. Scientists. Seeing, Seeings, Seine. Seine, Seismic. Seismogram, .
Criminologists, Seismology, , ,
Seize, Seized, Seizer, Seizes, Sneezing, Seizure, Seizures, Sheik, Sheikh, Shaikh, Sheila,
Shoeing, Sightseeing, , Congaing, Skate, Sleigh, Sleighs, Sleight. Sleights,
Societal, Societies, Society, Sovereign, Sovereigns, Sovereignty, Species, Spicier,
Spontaneity, Spreeing, , Subspecies, Sufficing; y. Sufficient, Sufficiently,
So , Surveillance, Swinging, Taipei, Team , Teeing, Tenancies. Tendencies,
Their, Theirs, , Heist. Theistic, Theme. ', Therein. Tiptoeing, Toning.
Tradign, Tradeing, Transceiver, Transceivers, Tran spa monies,
Undeceived, Underweight. Unfunnies, Unfeigned, , ,
Unseeing, Unseemly, Unveil, Unveiled, Unveiling, Unveils, .
Vacancies, Valencies, Veil, Veiled, flailing, Veils, Vein, Veined, Veins, Weigh,
Weighbridge, Weighed, Weighing, Weighs, Weight, Weighted, Weightier, Weightiest,
Weightily. Weighting, Weightings, we gird ess. Weightlessly, Weightlessness,
Weightlifter, , Weightlifting, Weights, Weighty, Weir, Weird. Weirder,
Weirdest, Weirdly, Weirdness, Weirdo, Waits, Wellbeing, . Welterweight,
and Wherein,"
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