Bioshock/Wreck-it-Ralph comic. found this on tumblr.. so cyute :D gaming Bioshock
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so cyute :D
so cyute :D
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this might be me being stupid but ... WHAT IS THIS ?! i NEED to know!
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The characters Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz from the movie Wreck-It Ralph dressed up as Big Daddy and Little Sister from the video game Bioshock 2.
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wreck it ralph was a recent and very good and well made movie about arcade games and what if the charcerters where alive inside them and could interact with one another it employed this well using references and cameos to real games as well as using video game "logic" to make some good jokes and set up a good plot it's about villian named Ralph who tries to jump to other games to become a hero as in his own game he is a villain and disliked by the NPC in his game so to prove he van be heroic to them he visits several games 2 main ones plus his own) each representing a different period of gaming history and later encounters a girl named vannleope who is a glitch in her native game and and she and ralph clash as she uses him to gain an uprotunity to become a real charecter in her game, as well of the hero of ralph's game(who is very nice and polite and doesn't dislike ralph unlike the other charecters in there game)who is looking for him as without him the games apears to be broken and my be put out of order it was very good and had a HUGE plost twist that I wont spoil. Bioshock was intresting shooter you are a plane crash survivor who arrives in a underwater called rapture a city founded under the princeables of indavidulism and scientific progress and fell into chaos after a civil war between the underclass and upper class . one of the main fetures where big daddy's and little sisters ,little sisters where little girls who had implants that produce adam a substance that grands super powers and you periodicly can try to kill there big daddy protecer and "harvest"(kill them but a great deal of adam) or "save" them(remove the implant saving them but getting a small amount of adam) it also had one big twist that won't spoil and is very good. sorry about my poor grammer this was typed in a hurry
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favorite movie ever!
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that movie was awesome. it's definitely in my top 5 of pixar movies
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Actually, either way you were right.... just sayian
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