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Reminds me of my times in Call of Duty.

Once I got half-way through playing Modern Warfare 2, I think I was pretty much doen with playing serious. I played:

Pistol Only and Knife Only
****** Weapons Only (i.e. I asked a bunch of people: "what's the worst gun", then used it)

I remember winning Free-For-Alls with a 15-kill lead Pistol Only (I just did this when I played my friend's Black Ops using a single Makarov)

My favorite gun in Black Ops was the Olympia, got Gold for it and everything: It made prestiging that much less worrisome, and I had blast jumping around like an insane psychedelic walrus...
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I just wanted to share a story
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Cool story, bruh.
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**SILENCEnight rolled a random image posted in comment #604874 at Anime & Manga - anime shows, anime games, anime art, manga ** HA so true
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Reminds me of Rainbowsix Vegas 2

All the casuals would have full camo gear, and the veterans would be running around with Raging Bulls, pink beaters and a bandanna. Good times, gooood times
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Holy **** man, thats EXACTLY what I would do, right up to the Raging Bull. Kudos for making my night man

pic unrelated
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Always glad to brighten someones day !! :D
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you should have photoshopped him holding a banana.
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True story
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ha, a change
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you mean MMO players?
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No Dark/Demons Souls and maybe some other ones.
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Dark/Demon Souls does not need to be harder you spawn of satan
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Not even man
My friend had beaten Biggie and Smalls on SL1, that's when the true challenge comes in
Trying to beat 4kids on NG+3 was hard enough, I can't imagine doing that on SL1.
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Look up the ''Deprived'' method of playing Dark Souls. You start the game as a Deprived class (no armor, only a club and a plank shield), you don't level up, you don't purchase equipment/weapons/supplies from merchants, you don't pick up items off the ground (unless they are looted from the corpse of an enemy you have personally killed), and you don't use healing items for any reason other than to refill your health gauge immediately before a boss fight. Some people have done full runs this way, and killed the final boss at soul level 1.
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SL 1 run are easier than the other no lvlup run with other classes because pyromancy is so strong.
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thank you.
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