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When You Date A Fat Chick


The first song I wrote that doesn't suck, if I do say so myself. Here's the lyrics:

When You Date A Fat Chick
Everything is magic
when you date a fat chick
everything's fantastic

Verse 1:
I had a friend, his name was Fred
had a girl he wished to wed
so he proposed with all his heart
and so a family they would start

Verse 2:
My friend Fred and his wife Beth
they made love and crushed Fred to Death
but if Fred were alive today
there's no doubt that he would say


Verse 3:
But if you dare try and conceive
it'll hurt like you won't believe
when upon you she does flop
so make darn sure that you're on top


They're just like a bean bag chair
that you can love without a care
sit on them nude and they're not all cold
this is true or so I'm told
although you may not be entranced by the thought of the horizontally enhanced

Spoken: believe me when I say


Views: 1126 Submitted: 12/10/2011