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#33 - spceinvdr
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(07/09/2013) [-]
I dreamed of a man just sitting in a wooden chair. He was very old, and wrinkly. Wearing a plaid checkered shirt and khakis, and a pair of dress shoes. Everything else was black around him, Like he was under a spotlight. I saw him in my dreams at complete random. He just suddenly interuppted another dream, cutting it short. I still don't know why I dreamed of him. I watched him sit still for a few seconds in my dream. Suddenly he let out a screech. A screech that pierced the deepest part of me and filled it with pure terror. This was like the exorcism screech. Then all his skin peeled of of him, along with his clothes, in one swift motion, splitting off of him like a costume, or a banana, in a fraction of a second, as he still screamed all the while like he felt the pain. I woke up sweaty and terrified.

tl;dr: My brain cut my dream short to give me a horrible jumpscare for no reason.