Some of the Adobe Air reviews. 12" inch turd is the reason, why you should get an Android phone, instead of an iPhone.. Adobe AIR ADOBE SYSTEMS o INSTALL R android play store funny reviews adobe air long turd
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Some of the Adobe Air reviews

Some of the Adobe Air reviews. 12" inch turd is the reason, why you should get an Android phone, instead of an iPhone.. Adobe AIR ADOBE SYSTEMS o INSTALL R

12" inch turd is the reason, why you should get an Android phone, instead of an iPhone.

Adobe AIR
Average 5 stars 163, 373
4 stars 35, 009
3 stars 18, 410
2 stars 5, 145
235, 745 1 star 13, 808
Tony Ha... 17/ 11/ 2013
Galaxy Tab 10. 1
After downloading Adore Air my back hair has
disappeared and I look 10 years younger! I am
just blown away with the results. My skin is
tighter and I can say goodbye to Botox!! I feel
like a new man...
Now I can Dance
Oliver Hiscore 13/ 11/ 2013
Samsung Galaxy
Before downloading this app all I could do is
send a load down my gnd left leg. Now I can
dance the humpty hump
Phil Howard 13/ 11/ 2013
I down loaded Adobe Air, then I pooped and
had a 12" long turd! It slid out smoothly and
cleanly, I didn' t even need to wipe and it didn' t
clog the toilet! Thanks Adobe!
Y. This is of God!
Micah Vega...
Samsung Galaxy
22/ 11/ 2013
Neighborhood squirrels snuggle with me
night while tiny elves give me mashed
potato foot massages until dawn. This had
only been a dream until I discovered Adobe
Kace Jones 20/ 11/ 2013
I simply can' t believe it. I don' t even need a
cup of coffee in the morning to get me started.
My libido is higher than it' s ever been. I' m
sexy and I know it. I instantly lost 10 lbs. upon
installation AND had a six pack! I went to the
beach looking like a sex goddess and the guys
followed me home cause apparently... my
milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.
Thanks Adobe! My life has been transformed!
An app of epic life changing proporty...
tit Mons Kong 29/ 11/ 2013
Asus Nexus 7
When I successfully installed this app the sky
opened and heavenly porn screams were
roaring for eight minutes, followed by hours of
lightning and rainbows. The days afterwards
the atoms of my body started rearranging and
since yesterday I look like Alf, the sitcom
alien, but with huge testicles. Other than that!
can count zucchinis blindfolded now and can
distinct three species of monkey, just by scent
alone. Thanks a million Adobe!
Incredibly amazing!
John Rae 12/ 11/ 2013
After installing even my boner can get a boner
so I can please 2 women at once or 1 woman
twice as much! I wish more women would
download this since! had a strong sperm shot
before but now it' s like superman powered so
women need to handle going through the
ceiling and roof or through the bed past the
a'''' Thankyou
This latest update made me reconsider taking
my own life. This app has done so much for
me in the past, It even helped me reconnect
with my long lost twin brother, but the lack of
recent updates started to drag me down. This
one came at the pivotal moment. Thank you
12/ 11/ 2013
Asus Nexus 7
Before I downloaded this app I only drank
Shandy ,now I drink twenty pints of strong ale
every night and my nob has grown from two
inches to four foot three ,great work adobe ,PS
after update I can with four flaming
Life changer
Jordan Grah... 12/ 11/ 2013
Asus Nexus 7
I was a poor, worthless man, with little to live
for. All that changed when a unknown stranger
told me to download adobe air and I would
start to see a change in my life. Since I was
down on my luck and willing to try anything!
immediately downloaded this app. A few
minutes later, I found my self kicked out of my
girlfriends house. As I walked away, I opened
this app and the wind blew a piece of paper to
me. It was a winning lottery ticket. Adobe air
provided the wind. I now have a new home, car
and girl. funnyjunk/
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