Snoopy?. I'd be terrified if i met that guy.. I FEEL BETTER. idk why I made this rest Music tag not Snoopy
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idk why I made this
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Got tree fiddy?
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Because it's 			*******		 awesome, obviously.
Because it's ******* awesome, obviously.
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sheetmusicexplain help me. I am but a tab-reading tool.
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dynamics generally go pp, p, mp, mf, f, ff, which is pianissimo, piano, mezzo-piano, mezzo-forte, forte, fortissimo, which is in order from softest to loudest. pianissimo is almost silent but sometimes it's written as pianississimo (ppp) to accentuate it. the joke is that pianissississimo (pppp) is about as good as not playing at all
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I learned something today. CHeers!
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When I did band in high school NEEEEEERD! there was one song that just didn't require one of the woodwind instruments (I think it was the clarinet). As a joke, the teacher printed off everyone's music score, but then wrote out a special one for the Clarinet section that was just a single bar with a 4 note rest and the number 50 on top of it. When one of them asked about it, he said just to look like they're about to play the entire time. See if any of the judges notice.

He went ahead and played us the recording of the judges commenting on our performance and each one made a comment along the lines of "The Clarinet section kept looking like they were going to start playing, which kept making me go back to make sure they didn't actually have a part in it this piece..."

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hey its me
hey its me
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i think its Danny sexbang
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In band, I have two trumpet pieces where I have twenty-six bars of rest.

they're largo pieces.
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Welcome to the life of a trombonist
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**kibbleking rolled image** I ******* hate long rests like that and having to learn when to come in.

It's easy after the first few rehearsals but until then they're nightmarish.
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That's what's great about jazz, you can take half the piece and just put in chords and say, "Oh, that? It's a cadenza."
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so you're not using me to my full potential ?
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no, no, no
I'm only using you to your full potential
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It's like the moomins hit puberty
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What is he writing? the misc percussion part?
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