Skrillex. Even though I Don't like Skrillex and certain generic dubstep related jokes ,I found this one particularly funny. taalta'. crat) d "ttet llortt, ' y I Skrillex Even though I Don't like and certain generic dubstep related jokes found this one particularly funny taalta' crat) d "ttet llortt ' y
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User avatar #1 - litlekalsoy
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(06/19/2013) [-]
I'm more concerned about the time vortex sucking in that person's face.
#10 to #1 - lieutenantshitface **User deleted account**
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has deleted their comment [-]
#2 to #1 - anon
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(06/19/2013) [-]
How about the magically floating Facebook posts above it?
User avatar #5 to #1 - erdbeerbaum
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(06/19/2013) [-]
Thats not funny, she probably had an accident!!
crude asshole
#3 - WolfRider
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(06/19/2013) [-]
#7 - existacne
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(06/19/2013) [-]
<Jimmy Wales< plus Skrillex = ^this^ guy.
#12 - harbingerwolf
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(06/19/2013) [-]
Just found this, fukken saved.
Just found this, fukken saved.
User avatar #11 - demandsgayversion
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(06/19/2013) [-]
A classical musician, Steven K. Sherlock studied the likes of Beethoven and Bach, on his way towards a prestigious scholarship at Oxford. He was shy and reserved, much to the dismay of his best friend. A thrill seeker, he one day convinced Steven to ride his new motorcycle. It was that day that Steven got into a horrible accident. Damage to his auditory cortex left him unable to perceive the music he once loved so much, and he could no longer even pronounce his own name. Damage to his scalp left him horribly scarred, and no longer able to grow hair on the left side of his head. But he was a survivor. Steven K. Sherlock, only able to pronounce his name as "Skrlocks", rebranded himself as disk jockey, only able to operate a board switching between songs at high school proms, and toddler birthday parties.

One day at his mentally disabled cousin's wedding, technical difficulties created a horrible screech in the speakers. The audience, consisting of a little family and mostly the entire populace of the Weatherstown's local mental clinic, started attacking eachother in fits of unpredictable rage. Freaking out at the noise himself, Steven fumbled with switches trying to get this to stop, in any way. To his surprise, the audience stopped fighting, lulled into a trance by the sounds he was making, and the more he considered it, the more he liked the 'music'. The rest is history, 'Skrillex' becoming number one on the charts. No more were the mentally disabled prone to violence, as medical assistants all over the world kept copies of Steven's music in case of incident.