Random Interesting Facts Compilation. Sources for the facts available @ . In 2003, Madonna uploaded sandstrom American Life to kazaa. com. a peer to peer networ facts kickass amazing unbelievable Awesome
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Random Interesting Facts Compilation

In 2003, Madonna uploaded
sandstrom American
Life to kazaa. com. a peer to peer
network. ofthe songsterr a
C recorded _
What thefuck [do] you think
you' re doing’: In return hacker
defaced her website with directx'
in saying, 'This is
what] the fuck I think I' m doing."
sightings" were
most likely manatees, dugongs, or
Stella' s sea cows. In fact.
Christopher Columbus spotted 3
manatees meurthe Dominican "s
C r _ Republic and would meterorite
that mermaids are “not half "
beautiful as they are painted."
l _ When
l I"", , rapeing violence's Game of
Y, 's, r" Thrones. George RR. Martin
J l T replied: "the true honors of
W“, human not
rlt/ from ms and Darkworld. but
from ourselves."
Due to ‘
composition, blood can be used
as an egg substitute in baking]
and matinence cream
V, ' Only around 35% of
Americans have
passports and this figure
is an allanime high/
7 Accordingly a book on New Zealand
dairy sector. Moscow offered to give',
New Zealand a nuclear sub marine, i
7} Midgets and tanks to help settle "
Russia' s debt for dairy products in
When told that New
Zealand had a nuclear» free policy!
Mike." Moscow' s response was:" tie it up in
some port and connect itto the!
nationalised t '.,
The voice actor of Boo in
Monsters. Incl Mary
Gibbs was so young that it
was difficult to get her to
stand in one place in the
recording studio. The
I solution was that they
t yellowed her around with
g l Footballer Didier Drogba
pleaded with commandants in
ais: Ivory Coaster lay down their
arms, resulting in a cease fire
after 5 years civil war. He also
l donated It million from his
Pepsi signing bonus to build a
hospital in his home town
After Dieter , killer ofa
Frenchman’: able to
avoid extradition from Germany's
it the father, Andre , hired
I; thugs to kidnap
l him in front ofa French courthouse.‘
l V The kittens ,
In 2008, Florida wildlife officers show
7 _ V 375th dealwith a tranquilizer as it
managed to wander into a residential area.
The panicked bear ran towards the ocean
7 V: and started drowning. That' s when Adam
P"::' Warwick dived into the manta rescue it,
r,. ( neck. he brought it
i s ashore. Couple of times the bear tried
lunging at Adamo climb on him to
I ' ' N r" _ stay afloat. Adam brought the bear to shore
and only suffered minor Jutland scrapes
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