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"Not everyone in mexico speaks Spanish"
****** .

Also nearly all these are ******** and not even funny.
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Holy crap you're retarded

First: Snooki was not even alive when the first Willy Wonka was made. Second: Those are not oranges but lemons. Third: That's the Irish flag no the mexican. Fourth: Crocs where made in Africa Fifth: A cucumber having a nerves system would require that the nerves had a place to receive the signal, Sixth: HISPANIC AND LATINO IS NOT A LANGUAGE NOR A DIALECT - but a subspecies like being Caucasian or a Negroid. Seventh: The inner core of earth is believed to be solid. Eight: Taste buds is really just something we humans like to play with, since that there isn't really taste buds in your mouth that tastes sour/sweetness nor bitterness better than other parts this would also mean that we would have the same pattern in our nose as in our mouth. A weird feel it would be- Ninth: Tentacles of a jellyfish being milked... no - only in the bikini bottom

Tenth: Romeo and Juliet was written by William shake spear, he intended that it should be a comedy back when he made it, although he was rushed while making it and ended it quickly with death of both of the protagonist leaving no continuity of the story behind.
Eleventh; there is no such things as the deepfried oreo being called skinny feel beside their name "deepfried oreo"

Please get sterilized.

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That was my point.
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kill yo self.
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'nearly all of these are ********* ....yeah ok.....
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Nearly is right, because it's true Not everyone in mexico speaks spanish
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FYI the whole joke of this post is that every "fact" on here is ******** .
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considering the fact that the flag isnt even the mexican flag
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Nope, misspelled NO and Not in the first one.
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Good for you
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1724 People think you can suck my dick
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