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User avatar #38 - connorjay
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(02/15/2013) [-]
Do you think it was cause he was too nice he got friendzoned?
Right, let me tell you something funnyjunk.

I had a friend in University, who I admit I wanted to bang, but we were mates (inb4 lol, friendzoned)
We were talking, and I admitted I was a nice guy, which to women I am, I (usually) compliment, dance with, talk to and I'm not dick-ish at all. She agreed, and said that's why I don't get as many women as other guys.

So as a mild social experiment (Psychology major, woo), I decided to go out and act completely differently for a few months. So March - June this year, I went out, acting like a complete cunt. More sarcastic around women, didn't buy them drinks, told them what was straight at every ******* turn, and in all fairness, it's true.
I got more girls in those three months than I had before that, but they were cunts too. I wasn't happy doing it, I'd rather nice girls.

Moral is: I'd honestly rather be a nice guy and get one or two decent girls, than a complete cunt and have loads of girls.

Sorry, just thought I'd share this.

#76 to #38 - eruptinganus
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(02/15/2013) [-]
You should document this discovery for all those guys who claim to be "nice guys" then make jokes about women in the kitchen and call them all whores.