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#331 - aesis
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(07/17/2013) [-]
I don't understand why people are getting so up in arms over it being "racist".
You know who I think are the racists here? The ones saying that the verdict was racist.

Zimmerman didn't get away with what he done because he was white or Trayvon was black. He was freed on grounds of self-defense because the evidence supported it.
Those reviewing the case didn't just say "Hey, he killed a black guy, every single person here hates black people and we totally don't obey the rulings of a judicial system"

The verdict was fair and based on evidence.
Sure, Zimmerman's actions may have been based on race, but the court's decision was not.

Black people are making themselves look bad here. They look like the racists.
The death of one black person at the hands of a white person does not mean anyone who is black should be offended, or pissed off.
If a black person kills a white person, no one gives two *****.

Hypocrisy in the entire thing right now is off the charts.