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fj-girls-only: FJ Girls Only

WELCOME to The FJ Girls Only Channel. You may not realize it, but girl give up almost half of the FJ population. So why not have a special place on FunnyJunk were girls can post all there ****. Bronies have one, stoners have own¦. So why can't us girls have one? Besides, the **** section is mainly for men only.
BUT BEFORE YOU POST ANYTHING, there are a few rules you have to fallow to avoid male **********. We really have to fallow these.
1. Do NOT post anything on Justin Beaber, Twilight Saga, or Jersey Shore unless it reflects negativity on them.
2. KEEP IN MIND that not all girls are pony girls. I'm a pony girl myself, but ponies already have their own channel.
3. Before posting on the channel, Make sure to put (FJ Girls) at every beginning of your title.
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