The Pope. No offense dear Katholics but you May should the read this`s Bible Content from Revival Or Riots. SUBMISSION ) LEADERSHIP No, you may  pope christian Jesus leadership
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#1 - draezeth
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(09/24/2012) [-]
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#3 - anon
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(12/13/2012) [-]
Here's a comment of mine... (unnecessary).

i'm baptist, so i think the pope is a nice old man, who probably wants the best, and hopefully really is in his position doing the God's work.
But the bible says there is only one way to GOD, that is Jesus Christ. No Saint Paul, or Peter, or others...

They were great people, and we should learn to them, but they were used by the Holgy Ghost (that is also GOD) to do great things... I wont pray for Paul for all he did, but I will pray for the spirit in him, the GOD that gave him the authority to do the things he does...

But back to the Pope...

We believe in authority... we believe in Spiritual Protection by our leaders, and we believe in honoring our leaders...

It's okay to like the Pope, and respect the authority given to him by God, i think kissing his hand is too much, but it's just their traditions...

And it IS important to be submissive to your leadership...
#2 - anon
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(10/03/2012) [-]
Good Point