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#109 - phanteon (02/03/2013) [-]
One of the greatest feels yet.
This is what I really fear.
Being too late and someone else takes her, while I watch this all happen.
I would be there when they get engaged, when they have their wedding, when they love eachother.
I fear I'll be there to witness my love, love someone else.
#133 to #109 - Rascal (02/03/2013) [-]
>be 13.>be a dorky, unpopular, kid who spends all his free time playing WoW.>never had a girlfriend, never kissed a girl...>Don't talk to many girls, but there was this one.>most beautiful girl i have ever seen, yet she doesn't know it.>she was in all my class's and i would do anything just to talk to her(putting sticky notes on her back, ect..) >she would always laugh and joke around with me, she even played WoW with me.>I really liked this girl but i was to afraid to say anything to her, after all i was a dork with nothing going for me.>a year later she moved away, and got a job a a model(no i'm not making any of this **** up, as i said she was the most beautiful girl i have ever seen)>never got to tell her how i felt...>be 15 and pissed off at new wow expatiation, decide to actually do something with my life.>start working out, sucks at first, im just a fatty around a bunch of buff dudes..>stay dedicated, and sucked up all the pain, and slowly i started to like working out.>start going to the gym 6 days a week for three hours at a time.>girls who never gave me the time of day start noticing me.>skip to now.>17 in grade 12.> bluffest kid in my school.>no longer have girl problems, as a matter of fact ive friends zoned a bunch of girls.>every girl i friend zoned wanted to be friends with benefits.>my friends envy me for how easy it is for me to pick up girls.>and yet out of every girl i have ever been with i have never met another girl like the one that got away...>went from having nothing to everything, but the one thing i want the most..>if i have learnt anything from girls its to not be super jacked or douchey, but to be slightly above average(something that they'll want to get with), and flirty with a girl, and dont be an asshole, be teasey, and ocationally sweet(to sweet and you'll scare them off) and lastly tell her how you feel because there is no greater regret then loosing her and not telling her how you feel...
#127 to #109 - bryanceb (02/03/2013) [-]
just happened recently to me ........ in a way...... i took the girl my friend has been falling for .

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User avatar #114 to #109 - jizzletizzle (02/03/2013) [-]
I highly recommend telling them if you're referring to someone you actually know and aren't just speaking in general. Being rejected will hurt a lot less than witnessing this happen.
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