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it's ok bro,we all cried


Every dog catcher should watch this movie.
This is the last part of the movie 'Hachiko, A Dog's Story'.
After nine long years of waiting faithfully for his dead master (Richard Gere), Hachiko now old and weary, limps to the same spot in front of the railway station where he had waited faithfully every day.

In the cold snowy night as people walk out of the station exit he recollects those joyful moments of his life that he had spent with his master.

Then, his master appears at the station exit...........

Hachiko feels the years and weariness drop away from him.............

He runs to greet his master who takes him away to a place where the two of them would be together.......................forever.

The master's grandson finishes narrating the story of Hachiko to his classmates who had initially thought this 'soppy' story of a dog, a big joke. But they are emotionally moved at the end of his narration.

When he goes home it is with another Hachiko of his own.

All this happens to Jan A.P. Kaczmarek's beautiful music in the background.

A great movie for a family to watch together.

But have some tissues handy.

Views: 4408 Submitted: 09/26/2012