here come the feels. /b/. p. troler. t. . s. day I borrowed your brand new car and dented it? I thought you' d kill me, but you didn' t- And remember the time I
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here come the feels


p. troler. t. . s. day I borrowed your brand
new car and dented it?
I thought you' d kill me, but you didn' t-
And remember the time I dragged you to the beach,
and you said it would rain, and it did?
I thought you' d say, .?. lly? yece" But you didn' t.
Doyou time I flirted with all
the guys to make you jealous, and you were?
I thought you' d leave, but you didn' t-
Doyou remembering time I spilled strawberry pie
all rug?
I thought you' d hit me, but you didn' t.
And remember the time I forgot to tell you the dance
was formal and you showed up in jeans?
I thought you' d drop me, but you didn' t-
Yes, there were lots of things you didn' t do.
But you put up with me, and loved me, and protected me.
There were lots of things I wanted to make up to you
when you returned from Iraq.
But you didn' t-
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Submitted: 02/22/2013
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User avatar #51 - soulstealerr ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
My wife just hit me for reading this to her.
#48 - ninjabadger (02/23/2013) [-]
Short and simple feels...   
Still just as strong.
Short and simple feels...

Still just as strong.
User avatar #47 - icecubeslayer (02/23/2013) [-]
Made me say "Aaw, no..." out loud.
#44 - awesomeradish (02/23/2013) [-]
I'm not crying
It's just raining on my face
#43 - coolioplasm (02/23/2013) [-]
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#40 - sektormac (02/23/2013) [-]
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#39 - LoveAmorAi ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
#36 - epicwinone (02/23/2013) [-]
MFW i'm currently in the middle of my application...
#30 - anonymous (02/23/2013) [-]
at first i read the the title and thought it said here come the females and thought it was gonna trash women or something and make me laugh.
but it didnt..
#26 - buildaburg (02/23/2013) [-]
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#24 - zerojaxx (02/23/2013) [-]
never have i felt this a more appropriate .GIF than now
never have i felt this a more appropriate .GIF than now
#19 - aberzombie (02/23/2013) [-]
thats some Major Feels.
#15 - latinotornado ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
I'v been having a horrible day, plus love life trouble recently and this hit me really ******* hard
User avatar #42 to #15 - rabidmapache (02/23/2013) [-]
I'm really not trying to be a dick here, but they showed us this video in basic to tell us NOT to do this exact thing... Yeah it's brave and all, but not practical. They shoot to injure the first guy in the open just because they want others to come help...
User avatar #46 to #42 - latinotornado ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
You're not being a dick, it's ok. But that's the biggest point of the photo. That soldier most likely knew he was going to get sniped trying to save the soldier, but went anyway.
#56 to #46 - derrickrick (02/24/2013) [-]
Well... yeah. But he also could have waited for his men to actually give covering fire first (or at all, seeing as how that was the reason the first guy in that picture was wounded)
User avatar #34 to #15 - fuckya ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
seriously, that photo is like #2 reason why I want to join the military. Thats the way I want to go out, cause I see myself as a worthless **** , and best to do try to save a life of someone more important than me.
User avatar #41 to #34 - latinotornado ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
You wanting to save someone else or help someone else's life shows you're not a worthless ****
#28 to #15 - reguy (02/23/2013) [-]
damn man...that photo....


out of everything iv seen in the feel section
out of all of my feels
this one little picture just took the cake.
all i can think of is they were best friends...
#29 to #28 - reguy (02/23/2013) [-]
**** , out of all the things iv seen on the internet, all the stories..
this has hit me the hardest.
#33 to #29 - latinotornado ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
I too shared the same feel
I too shared the same feel
#14 - alchemicfreak (02/23/2013) [-]
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#12 - theoriginalcupcake (02/22/2013) [-]
C'mon OP not now.. I'm enlisting into the Navy next week... And now all these feels... yeah, **** you.
#16 to #12 - Enriss (02/23/2013) [-]
DEPing in or shipping?
#18 to #16 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
Can you explain "DEPing"?
#20 to #18 - Enriss (02/23/2013) [-]
Delayed entry program? If you're enlisting, how do you not know what the DEP is? Have you been to MEPS (military entrance processing station) yet?
#21 to #20 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
I go to MEPS in April, Basic in August, and Nuke school in December.
User avatar #45 to #21 - theincorrigibleone ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
My dad was a nuke for 20 and I'm enlisting to go in as one once I've gotten a bit of a college education.
#49 to #45 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
Gotta make sure you get a high enough ASVAB score, mate.
#22 to #21 - Enriss (02/23/2013) [-]
Ah, you're not DEPed in yet then. Means you don't have your contract, which means there's a good chance you won't get nuke. I just finished MEPS on Wednesday and only contracts available was some intel and mechanical jobs, and I got a 93 on the ASVAB and almost perfect line scores in math, science and mechanical. Good luck though getting nuke.
#23 to #22 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
Thanks mate, I got a 98 on the ASVAB, so my recruiter is trying to get me to get in now. But I'm waiting to finish off my sophomore year in college.
#50 to #23 - Enriss (02/23/2013) [-]
Oh, also, pray to God that you don't fail the color vision test. that's an instant DQ. And you'll have to redo the ASVAB again at MEPS so score good on it again.
#52 to #50 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
How did you know I'm color blind? I know my gray scale fairly well.
#55 to #52 - Enriss (02/23/2013) [-]
I didn't. But I failed the color vision tests, which DQed me from Nuke and dozens of other jobs. Sorry man, but if you're color blind then you won't be able to go nuke.

However, if you pass the falant test but fail the pip test you should be able to get a waiver. The falant trumps the pip test.
User avatar #13 to #12 - jzpotter ONLINE (02/23/2013) [-]
Good luck mate, all the best.
#17 to #13 - theoriginalcupcake (02/23/2013) [-]
Thanks man, got into the 98% percentile of the Naval nukes.
User avatar #11 - badgerbaiting (02/22/2013) [-]
And I was having such a nice day...
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