This is true. .. are you feeling it now mr crabs?


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dat light
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are you feeling it now mr crabs?
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Don't you cry, you are worthless if you cry
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go die in a fire
go die in a fire
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I hate you and your family.
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Ok. You made me cry. Cngrats...
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you 			*******		 monster
you ******* monster
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Can you feel it?!
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... I don't quite get it. I'm sorry.
I'm prepared for my red thumbs. Someone please explain?
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Dog is kill in bottom frame.
Dog is kill in bottom frame.
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damn it man
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Why do dis...
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**** you
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i 			*******		 hate you.
i ******* hate you.
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y u do dis?
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You are hitler, but worse like some sort of uber hitler
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Growing old is compulsory
Growing up is optional
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Just saw my name is N. Korean citizen.
I guess I won't be growing that old
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My dog always used to lie on the table like this, now hes far too big
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No it does not. Growing up is awesome.

Yes, we yearn nostalgically for the things we no longer have but the more we look to the past the less we look to the future.

Being a grown-up allows us to be smarter, stronger, faster, richer human beings. We are allowed to play a part in the game of life and whilst we don't spend most of our time playing anymore it just makes the times when we are playing far more rewarding.

If you don't like the person you grew into as much as the child you grew up from then the blame is not on reality for changing you, but on yourself for not guiding that change.

Our lives.
Our choices.

Being an adult ******* rocks, dude.
#31 to #1 - anon (04/28/2013) [-]
I completely agree with your post snowshark. Those that want to stay little and innocent forever lack the courage to face what tomorrow serves them.
User avatar #43 to #1 - stijnverheye (04/28/2013) [-]
the only aspect from growing up that is really deciding if you will like it or not is responsibility . you either like it or dont , the fact that every decision you will make will have its consequences (what you almost didnt have as kid) . Some people want to have their own life at their command and some others dont wanna have such responibilities .
User avatar #99 to #43 - elcreepo (04/29/2013) [-]
I kind of see it as when you're an adult, sure you have responsibilities, but you also have restrictions.

I can't travel to every country and meet with every single culture in the world. Why? Because a) that would be impossible as there are tribes that do not allow any contact whatsoever and b) most importantly, I haven't enough money.

To me, chasing this dream is worth every risk at my own life, but in the end ultimately the restriction of money and the rule that if you don't have money than you can't have that sweetheart wins out.

As a kid, you felt like you had no restrictions, despite having your parents dictate your life, and that to me is the most special. Now, due to experience, I know that I'll never escape rules that prevent me from doing what I want to do- and sadly, due to the fact that I've grown up, I've recognized that I'm now in the "someday" I dreamed of when I was a kid and I'm STILL being forced to go against my will.

Granted, I still hang on to that dream and if I ever had the opportunity to jump onto a truck headed to the ocean, stow away on board an oil tanker, become friends with its captain, and land in Africa I would take that chance in a heartbeat. It's as farfetched a chance as possible but without hope what are we?
User avatar #117 to #99 - stijnverheye (04/29/2013) [-]
never give up , dreams is what gives hope and a meaning for your life
User avatar #97 to #1 - elcreepo (04/29/2013) [-]
**** that

I want to play with my toys again and actually have time to just enjoy myself and never worry and not have to deal with deadlines, taxes, food/water/shelter, money issues, ect.

Yes I know that when I had the chance I didn't know, but now that I know... I'm just saying that when I'm finally a senior citizen there is going to be somebody doing all the worrying while I stand in an intersection yelling "HONK!" at cars.
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I'm excited to grow up. Instead of dreaming about change, I can make it happen. My opinion will finally mean something!
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i disagree completely, growing up my biggest concern was "oh **** i woke up late and missed pokemon; guess i'll get food and watch something else". now i have bills, a job that blows with an assclown of a supervisor, maintenance on my car, and school(or trying to get financial aid at least). the only thing i have any real control over is the job and even that was just barely
User avatar #5 to #4 - snowshark (04/28/2013) [-]
The trick is just not letting that overwhelm you. You find the funnies and the good things in life and hold tight to them with both hands.

Though I imagine America is a much worse country to live in than the UK (given the myriad factors that least to life for people in FJ's average age group being a total misery sometimes) I still believe that there's more fun to be had than not in being an adult.
#36 to #1 - anon (04/28/2013) [-]
I like your point of view and you are correct. We should like our adult life as much as we liked our childhood.

But you must admit that it sucks major balls when you are too big to play in the playground.
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growing up is awesome ! you get to watch Ultra Porn!
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I read that in a surfers voice
it just seemed right for some reason
User avatar #3 to #2 - snowshark (04/28/2013) [-]
I don't mind sounding like a surfer/skater/90s extreme sport enthusiast. (even though I sound more like Steven Fry than Tony Hawk)

If I read like a surfer-dude... then that's just tubular, bro.
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**jaketasticness rolled a random image posted in comment #1744132 at Friendly ** Me when I grow up.
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at least you have a beard
#81 to #80 - jaketasticness (04/28/2013) [-]
That's all it takes to be a boss :)
That's all it takes to be a boss :)
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Am I the only person who likes growing up?
Pic unrelated
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Dammit Moon Moon
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wow just make him a bigger thingy to sleep in geez
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Everything seemed huge when I was little, now everythings seems small.
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including your penis
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Build him a bigger box you cunt
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Growing up was good for me I went from fat ass ugly duckling into a beautiful vascular swan. Puberty did good
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My lovely pain in the ass cat, likes to make me hold her like a baby.

The very first time I saw her, she climbed onto my shoulder and slept there...
I would walk around with her sitting on my shoulder like a parrot

Now, she's a chubbo.. She's a big dense cat, man... 10pound+
She Climbs onto me and makes me hold her like a baby while I pet her, some times she even falls asleep.

She's a bitch sometimes... Ands a major pain in the ass other times

But goddammit do I love you, Foozle
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I n'aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwed
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Yeah, but having a dog never sucks
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unless you're not a morning person
unless you're not a morning person
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Some might think it sucks, but it's a privilege denied to many. Just remember to appreciate the fact that you get to experience it at all.
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Well no **** ya took his purple bone away!
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**** you
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I would have no choice but to build a larger entertainment center.
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My post and this post has the same title and they are both on the front page   
Good job OP
My post and this post has the same title and they are both on the front page

Good job OP
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Bitch, please!
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