The saddest thing you will ever read.. I've seen a lot of mediocre sappy semi-feels on this channel. This is the only thing in a long time that has made me feel sad as fuck tldr
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The saddest thing you will ever read.

The saddest thing you will ever read.. I've seen a lot of mediocre sappy semi-feels on this channel. This is the only thing in a long time that has made me feel

I've seen a lot of mediocre sappy semi-feels **** on this channel. This is the only thing in a long time that has made me feel any sort of empathy. Read it, and know true sadness. No Bel-Air, no Dinosaur, just a terrible story told by an unfortunate, deceased /b/rother.

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E Brandon ( : 12 30 No 350789900 .
Hello/ , y away my anonymity In non ofyou as n share you my story My real name IS Brandon and y come to you xenon mien you mane about THAT
Yes we all know her Duchy, tanks was forgood by you, and Just has that atitude no one can stand But y knew that on long before she even became popular my
name Clare
We known my: gm syncs n was 3 yeahs old Her mom and my mom were neigbors so we would go memo each miners houses practially everyday Me. and Clare would
lterally do Every Fiday we would sneak outlaws woods nenene our muses and play around In the creek the sun started to set
We would both then hold hands we walked backto ouy homes
y .3 ( ) 19: 13 26 No 360790013
one day In ran l was yawning and my motherland us not to creek as swelled ways ddnt really new We gong My headed out to the creek
anyway and she eventually followed
Sure enougn the meek had Is normal syn very edge and soon the mud beneath me collapsed and y neen In The current
was strong and soon canned me down the creek
wed to grab onto anythig y could y managed to grab onto a rope that was mo to a tree nearby mound see Clare runnang towards me waying ney
arms and my name An y recall IS against her my warmth on a We or leaves and waking up In a hopital bed yawn a puma next to me or the
two or us marred together
ddont much or any other detains my that hands: hang deathly wand or large amounts or water syncs that day
Brandon ( ) 19 14 21 No 360790133
360790013 _
Around Ith Fade we were separated In thereat classrooms and would only see each other at lunch but back then we would hang out wth the gyms and y wound stay by mysery wakening her mm a
distance ( y know that sounds creepy but n was young)
When school was my she wound want my me and y wound walk her nome When we got Into yonyon nfgn we would refuse to even acknowledge my existence iwasnt one or the 'cool" has and owe
wanted to be popular so she couldnt be seen wth me
She surrounded the popular boys around the school Ofcourse we were only around 11 back then and the " ddnt last long Throughout my enzyme stay In yum Hgh n was
asked out by about 12 wherent gm: but y always turned them down
E Brandon ( ) 19 15 24 No 360790277
When High School ht l was even Joyner Hgh She soon began mocking me In peers
n was the uncool and she used me to gown her name l worked Inned my hardest to mo hang around my as every Lyme y came In contact wth her she would make me the center or attenton by
callig me names and me around large groups or peopie
Now that y about It y had less than 4 hands throughout Hymn School thanks to her Even though she constantly made my we neen y would be In swans or nostalga ney from a
To tho day y would gym up to be a agaen so y could spend one day wth ney
Brandon ( ) 19: 16 23 No 360790405
Around Humor year a boy named Garret asked Clare to prom Ho mom worked my the school so she was able to pull some stangs and allow mm to use the Intercom my inns proposal
She was absolutely
Clare was n my math class and y could hear my about t to her hands She caught me stanag at ney mm across the room and gave me a glare that n my navey Volga! anyway about a week
before prom n hear y knock at my door and " none otherthan owe
She' s at my ivory! door because she round out Garret made out wth another gm on some sht
19: : No 360790524
sew the pushover y am y nex my In and console my Head her up to my room and hold her In my arms iddnt even want to take advantage or my and sleep wth my
Just hang my: close to her and thouhg anonx ouy was enougn my me By the Lyme she was "shed y told my y would take ney to prom , we wanted She gave me
a hug and a kos on the cheek
We got In my car, drove to ouy old houses, and walked to the creek we used to hang out at laas surrounded by a blanket or common as a nand next to her soon n was overwhelmed by l and neen
By the me n woke up she was already gone we nao to go somewhere
Fri) 19: 18 09 No 360790635
Aweek passed and l was Manny prom y had pad 150 bucks my my index syncs y ddnt buy t they reused the palce to Is maxymum y rented a sun, bought a dozen noses, paton some or my
dad' s expereince coke Hooked We a bucks y drove my to Clare' s house and knocked on the door She answered wth a smine on ney race and n was speediness at now
she nocked
She gave me a wok as she grabbed my hand and led me to the backyard From the slang glass door y could see some or her Mend: that we were goong to lake post prom puma:
or each otherone couples
When n Manny reached the backyard y spotted Garroting y knew somethig was up
E Brandon ( Fri) 19 18 55 No 360790724
Clare, knowing n was st/ l wand or water, pushed me We her pool and Just watched as y wed to grab on to somethig and gasp by any As n was manically around y could hear
them all at me t was only n was anonx to daown dd one omen mend: darkheart/ y grab me out or the pool and tel me to yeahs before got worse
swanked out the skis gate wth my head down and my clothes wet lget the ruck out or there and sat at a park my a new hours so my mom would at least y went to prom
Even nght now y would not he able to hung up the courage to tell my now coldly my mend treated me all those yeahs
Anyway when n returned to school pretty much everyone knew what happened at no one would even st by me at the nuken table
Brandon ( Fri) 19 19 53 No 360790876
Throughout the rest or Hen School y pretty much mended my own busyness mated a new guys but the navey lasted long
All or them sandy seemed 'destracted" by else iddnt see much or ways through the last days , Hgh swoon and Many we graduated y wakening closely as she walked across
the stage and make eye contacting her but% log
y stocki we packing lot wakening everybody else cheking and nagging each other knowing that was somethig y would navey be pan or y spotted Clare walkng wth ney mend: at the ray mus chine
packing lot and Just couldnt stand l anymone
y ran as ran as y could Manny reached verlust before we got In the car and asked ney , she wanted to come home wth me andert watch a we mth me
She laughed In my race along wth her mend: and drove on n was crushed
Brandon ( ) 19 20 55 No 360790997
one Mme y had talked me Into goong to a party wth mm
iddnt new hang around other peopie but yen We a new drunks would cheer me up
ofcourse when n got there no one really knew who n was and hawks seem; a new races y ddnt know them earner
About 40 enzymes passed when Clare walks through the door and pretends m not there for muons reasons y mud my own busyness and she mends hers
Maybe t was the antonin but my some reason y deeded to stay at the party stated get mom and peopie were really enjoying themseves
Brandon ( ) 19 22 26 No 360791219
Hook a walk ourside for some new any and a cigarette y have no me: the exact amount or Lyme n was gone but m guessing l was somewhere In between 1015 minuses
When n returned l heard kneeing before y even entered the door My hast thought was that a fght had broken out and that y wound leave before the cops show up got the best or
me n made my way through the crowd only to see l was Clare
She was heaney Ineducated and was nnoying 3 guys In ivory! or everyone
Aith guy was ney as y yen warm tears rollig down my cheeks At that momeny y ddnt gym a ruck anonx yr any or my Faggot was saw me eyeing
mound no nongay bear to watch
19 23 53 No 360791416
My mute knaht lucked In anon pushed all 4 guys ands y peeked her up In my arms but soon heard ney screech's loudly In my ear Clare was "log forarms all about and snapping me In xne race
one Mme guys she was nnoying grabbed ney mm me and punched me In the race n was soon hang beaten by all 4 orkney t took some chine other his mm the party to Many pull them eror me
see necause or all the Mood surrounding my wands but y could hear Clare someking At hast l ddnt vagina! what she was saiyng but y Manny made out the words
FUCKING KILL Hymn KILL THAT SMALL awey) PIECE OF serr navey forget those words Hen! someone splash beer at my race anatomy: day n have no doom In my
mud wno l was
Hen! some peopie drag me by my feet and toss me out onto the sidewalk In the ivory! or the house n was loomed mm the antonin and mm hang beaten to get up and walk nome
y there and when n woke everyone was gone Those events took place my a year ago and that was the last Lyme y saw my my y deeded to make a account 3 weeks ago (pm odiously
Brandon ( ) 19 24 50 No 360791532
so my y om care yr you call me a Faggot on yr you tis n: Just a troll Tonght we deeded to kann myself ddont expect sympathy and om try to talk me out or l because " not gong to work
Just gm me one last mead to enjoy and when ths thread 404' s m to go mth l case any ofyou are wondeirng M using the dayyum em! bag method that gets possed on here every
so 091971
You guys were litarally the closest tings y evey had to hands
inane y have no due why you have treated me so horibly my so one
y have never done onyaysg you
kindness [personally behave yrs because you hate became
and ' tstart to see somethig to your nome sef even
one all even one all the you have owns x on
own ashamed to adopt sayy have my you
well u know new ow y oneguy o onely we may no have been
moons after me w more yrs sou cant get anyone else u Mary won
stop tryna be sum noon hero no move on
Maybe you re now one all we nuns y sows you Just can' t change s
new [treally Cue whattheh say n the end all you have are
yon saiyng tright so we goodbye (inane The only reason
messaged you IS because y don' tave s else
wanted to yaw you
Clare] J
Brandon when my u m head x don' tave o
hm: we were good fiends my back when
ran mo nor Mary arms no y the fukwad u message ms barrer mm/ u
really mm gym a never see u agony
Handel‘ I
never sad x was may/ yryg As to why y keep trang to to
you [guess yrs because x mm all those muss we had back when we
were no because my Just grateful that you saved Tiffie
KNIFE you drm' dever that has happened between us I
lust can' t help have been a yrs
the fuka u JUST sad u were saiyng w/ s y really dentyne o ink y
jonsson my drawn m amt
anyway those muss y an/ an no u an stop synonym me now
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