The day /b/......... You can't hide from what you are whitespace Really worth the read. Anonymous no ) / / 13[ Tue) 3919 No 447755325 Henna: ] year wrest grades was rambled
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The day /b/........

The day /b/......... You can't hide from what you are whitespace Really worth the read. Anonymous no ) / / 13[ Tue) 3919 No 447755325 Henna: ] year wrest grades

You can't hide from what you are whitespace
Really worth the read

Anonymous no ) / / 13[ Tue) 3919 No 447755325 Henna: ]
wrest grades
NIB socalled
litterally 3 (Hands
m online playng games all day
ASO we day I' m playng on ths sew l We
so much w: it may ths dude walks upto my house
ml' m about to my outside and k/ l mm but he starts ta% In chat
was In a good mood so why not
75 a gm skm
matter waiting a / e l turns out n 75 a gm
mynd the betafaggot that y am new move In wth my muse purely based on that fact
y know
sshe accepts and we
sshe' s not a new everyting y know about gm gamers
mthe whole (mug 75 thoroughly fun
Ashes smart and wily
rand shes a prankster
who tacked me my so manatrain that l stayed blocks away from new a week
lust blew up her muse we
mwehe been playng a sew months
mug day we end up exchanger real names somehow
was 7: Elas,
My name
amok dues to my school
mm shes In my homeroom
Anonymous no / / 13( 41 no No 447755526 Remus
descirption ohm gm
l win 8 because dem legs
who doesnt recognize my name
mm betafag so l take a few days to get up the comma to tell my Is me
tell my
both exchange ouy lttle ' moments
snes move shy In person
have a of a son spot my shy gals
mode engage
downtalk much outside
mom mm each other
many chances my
essentually moves a seating change
treacher lets us choose where to st
Gguess where l st
job You guessed tr, Next to may
re st/ l awkward wth each other
poutine awkwardness melts away alter acouple weeks
alwayd to homeroom every day now
Cl Anonymous no V( ) 44 49 No 447756002 Remus »'
mln the (me we altogether l learn a move about my
sne' s We me, a lonely person
am We me, she doesnt openly express my emotions
notace 75 sleepy a lot
move than once we had to wake my up In class
sne says shows! sleeps a some mason
hours a nght
on breaks
Tthats a neat lttle gunk
also notace watain she zones out we bytes the end underclasses mm my hp
always makes me / e when we does l
mm classwork, what we mostly do mm ouy (me In that class 75 draw
both We drawing and we start collaborator on a comm
make acouple characters to represent us
mm some dude named oak and we names Ella
sometimes at lunch when we' re alone we play We we' re In
know, we were faggots
we make up ouy own lttle fantasy lyes In the game, We lttle his
We l t makes we seem a lttle less monotonous
so we play these games together and slowly add to the story of ouy comm
mand as we do, oak and Ella slowly getclassy
Anonymous no / / 13( 49 49 No 447756587 seems ' ram' ‘ ' 757573 »' 759532
We my and l want to we l a snot mm my
my lack ohreally emotions l cantrell 'she Wes me
sand profil wont act CUE beta
so we continue as we are
I' m st/ l lonng l
a move mam Cull thm
so the frendzone 75 Me mm me
much as l want out the unknown scares me
rolls around the cooney
Elsa that soon alter break I' ll be able to dove
bithday 75 on the gnd
sne starts asking my miss my break as a joke
passes and then we mach my bithday
ddnt Inate my hands, dont know why
Must my
aout, bemyu 3 no the [we Mme party, than a knock on the dooa
pprobably my cousen, who' s always early
aout no
mlt' s Elsa
Anonymous no / / 13( 57 Ni No 447757497 seems »' 757' aos ' »' 757925 »'
ddnt me my
cant very well turn my away at the dooa
wouldnt even fl could, so l let my In
never had anyone come must see me
parents are surpised, knowing now lonely l am
meets them
parents are the Mud: wooty to be 'mp'
aon god
quckly drag Elsa upsets to my mom
sne' s at my parents when we get up there
face was as red as the
ask my now we knew where l We
sne says shows! asked my mend Anoner
asked hershy we was here
sne sad my my bithday
ddnt me you
Do you want me to leave?'
really want herto stay
we play some call onduty
we get In adulate about PSA vs
Win the debate hang on sum
allthough we doesnt admit l
mand so waiting my 3 o' come bowe play games and call each other names
Cl Anonymous no V( ) No Remus "
Ask and you shall deceive
sne starts comm; my move omen
have some mam that we descovered one day
we sword those when we comes my
that 07 we play 07 coo
was st/ l ongoing and every now and then we advance the plot
Mew characters etc
sne' s much move creater than me
t l draw better
we make a nabit out of making a competion out of everyting we do
IS at me to ask my out but Hus! cant do l my some mason
sne stats comm] my every now and then
we have a lot own together
swords are Just about the best object we ever owned
so much fun 75 had win them
know now at the end Inc l was descovered that the best power source?
we mend a small county my years
mand as much as l want to, l cant hung ask my out
Anonymous no vows» ) 05 14 28 No 447759603 Remus
gm has become my best, and really only, mend
ever so slowly the walls we put up my ourselves break down
sne' s st/ l happy most Mme (me but every now and then we needs a my on
prondy thm shoulder
mourns out we has a lot drama
Tthats we win me
aone day she' s my at my muse
sne seems a Mme we play coo
essentually alter ammo we signs as Itshe' s decided sometihng
sne pulls out a lttle stack creapers seemingly mm nowhere
mand hands Mamie me
sne says that yrs a lttle segment we Mote
mad l and the whole [we l am Elsa Woks at my wine wall banend me
ooak and Ella go anto some cave
Combusted my siders
mand oak gets ms leg cut open by a skeleton' s anew
ends up dragging oak out
both In bad shape
menus that they may dye any day
mand wth that In mynd we kisses oak, apparently sometihng she' s wanted to do my a long Mme
up at Elsa and ouy eyes meet my a moment
we Woks away, herione ,ashed
75 the part where you guys hate me
ddnt pull anytihng
even a hug
l sad was "Welly good (F
Anonymous no vows» ) 05 24 51 No 447760826 Remus ' »' ' ' 757755 ' ' »' 757573
so everyting st/ l continues as bemyu
beat myself up my then next few months
mean whims fuck mew
want to be wth my
so what the fuck 75 stopping me?
notace that we seems less interested now
may have massed my window
any anotherfjer l cornice l massed my window
we' ye st/ l fiends but sometihng seems to be massing now
mop 75 new betafag
raght now though y m We an omegafag
sne' s gaven up
sne tinks I' m not interested
t l am
aout Is too late
Anonymous no vows» ) 05 33 22 No 447761729 Remus »' 757x46 »' ' ' ' ' 757977 ' 767927 ' »' 767967 »' 757965
752337» '
mone day l mad a on ychan
decide to man the fuck up because you guys are pathetic and thats not now l want to be
sne may have gaven up, cutdeep insyde we st/ l wants IS
consequences, I' m (107779 In
mln homeroom l tell Hana come to my muse on may
sne amass
funday rolls up
sne knocks on my dooa
open l and let my In
sne comes upsets mm me and stats to boot wine PSA
stop my
mm tryng to get the words out but the/ re stuck
had Maw decided to dams and now l ckicken out
sne' s got on herione but l can make out nope banend l
winstead l decide are better
ralphy impulse
stand my up and lass my
a we
we pull away and we Woks dual# banded
we goes on the and kisses me
so much Win
76334 ' ' 763572
skipping ahead due to mahoney vote
was great
sne' s dominant In bed
stat daang ouy lyes are yo [mes better
sne sad that t was about mcking Mme
tthere actually Isnt much to add at thm poynt
re (107779 steady
tthere was actually thm haht y got anto at a park one day
some negro was tryng to ht on my
back on
so l punched han
we punched me
ended up losing
mom saw my bruises and totall scared
sne sad you' mommy mm your auntie and uncle In beau
mhong distance suck
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