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#45 - Hentaifan (03/08/2013) [-]
Motivational Thread?
User avatar #100 to #45 - teseus (03/08/2013) [-]
Well, I think this is ******** .

At least for me living by restrictions is not living at all. I'd rather suffer the consequences of my mistakes. How do expect me to know what regret feels like if I never did anything that I regret? How can I possibly know what things are gonna make me regret doing them?

All I see in that picture is some guy chasing a model society imposed him. It pretty much beacons: "This is how happiness looks like. Be like that or you won't be happy!". Newsflash: we are not the same. In fact, we are all as different as we can be. Blindly chasing an ideal of how we should look and what we should do is plain stupid.

What I won't do is sit around letting people tell me how to live my life.
#213 to #100 - Hentaifan (03/09/2013) [-]
I've got other things.
User avatar #107 to #100 - enorus (03/08/2013) [-]
The point of the image isn't "you should look like a model". It's easy being a lazy cunt but in the end it will give you nothing.
User avatar #127 to #107 - teseus (03/08/2013) [-]
You missed my point. I did not said you have to look like a model. I was talking about models in general. Like personality traits as well.
User avatar #133 to #127 - enorus (03/08/2013) [-]
Who, except you, said anything about personality traits?
#70 to #45 - jilliebean (03/08/2013) [-]
Best I got.
Best I got.
#216 to #215 - jilliebean (03/09/2013) [-]
Well, it's just you and me here, so I'm going to save us both a bit of time.

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