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#74 - hakysakit
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(06/09/2012) [-]
Not saying anything against soldiers, But if we wont allow gay marriage because "it says you cant in da bible lolz" Then we shouldnt send soldiers to kill people.
#119 to #74 - ddoggdiggity
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(05/04/2013) [-]
it said judgemen from HIS god doesnt really mean its from the bilble
#81 to #74 - hakysakit
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(06/09/2012) [-]
This is meant to be pro gay marriage/anti religion running our country.
Not anti soldiers.
#84 to #81 - MitsukiOokami
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(06/09/2012) [-]
I am really unsure what this is supposed to be saying, honestly. There are plenty of loopholes in this "holy book" that governmental officials and churches use against logic. "killing in the name of protection" is apparently not a sin, at least that's what I've been told.
America is far far far behind in society no matter how much we want to say we're a first world country. we still can't separate church and state.