San Andreas. . Friday night ago on San Andreas multiplayer sender oit' s is free roam server recreate a character called "Peaceful Bike Man" I will not harm any
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San Andreas

Friday night
ago on San Andreas multiplayer sender
oit' s is free roam server
recreate a character called "Peaceful Bike Man"
I will not harm anyone. just ride around peacefully on my bike
ppeople hit me with their oars or shoot at me
chisels bad
arti) fte guy hits me with a can Hall oh my bike get back on
we sees linen“! harm him
ride away
suddenly realize he is new following me peacefully on a bike
another guy sees us and joins
ofthe 3 of us are just riding peacefully through San Andreas
3 bike has just chilling
streets and hills and mountains
2% -alram this is the most social and happy we been an a while
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Submitted: 07/14/2014
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User avatar #3 - hhanako (07/14/2014) [-]
reminds me of the tf2 server i was on last night. started out as a digestive end productfest with backpassages spawn camping, then a couple people left and the remaining players just said intense bodylove it and chilled up on the roof of the red base doing conga lines, high-fives, rock paper scissors, and laughing at the occasional backpassage who would try to attack us
#5 to #3 - faggotishshit has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #15 to #3 - fefeta (07/14/2014) [-]
yesterday i was chilling in other team intel on 2fort, everyone were friendly and they killed those who weren't, i was an happy heavy punching people to make them laught and give teammates with low hp my sandvitch. Then someone in the other team accidently captured and made the round end.
sadly steam isn't working currently for me or i'd throw in a pic
User avatar #4 to #3 - toppone (07/14/2014) [-]
I love doing this kind of digestive end product in mobas especially when its obvious to both teams that one person is feeding or trolling. So I would just run around with a random guy from the other team doing taunts while waiting to surrender. Good times.
User avatar #6 to #4 - hhanako (07/14/2014) [-]
this server has no time limit, it's just to dick around and ba an asshat pretty much
User avatar #9 to #3 - LOLWUTS (07/14/2014) [-]
I play on a 24/7 turbine server often and this happens all the time. The best thing is when sme free to play try hard scout comes and takes out intel, he gets killed and a chill guy on the enemy team just brings it back to our base ranting on about how "stealing is wrong"
User avatar #10 to #9 - hhanako (07/14/2014) [-]
what server is that? i love it when digestive end product like that happens
User avatar #11 to #10 - LOLWUTS (07/14/2014) [-]
rxg 24/7 Turbine. Im on it all the time. rxg | Probably Logan is my steam name if you do end up seeing me. Its more like that in the mornings and afternoons. Its pretty full of good players in the evenings.
#1 - bionicpanda ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #2 - danster (07/14/2014) [-]
Did you guys stop for a picnic?
#34 - qxangelxp (07/14/2014) [-]
San Andreas Multiplayer is the best multiplayer experience I've ever hand in a video game ever.

Thanks for the SA post on FJ, OP.
User avatar #35 to #34 - Shrobe (07/14/2014) [-]
love you too
User avatar #47 to #34 - ronniesan ONLINE (07/15/2014) [-]
why though? seriously whats good about it, its like the top most pirated game still on the bay
User avatar #12 - fjisbest (07/14/2014) [-]
that game was the digestive end product
User avatar #17 to #12 - gitanisme (07/14/2014) [-]
holy digestive end product
my big tittied mommy your a faggot
#30 to #17 - anon (07/14/2014) [-]
intense bodylove you not so good lady
User avatar #27 to #17 - fjisbest (07/14/2014) [-]
#36 - jengiveshead (07/14/2014) [-]
San Andreas, thanks for all the hours you spent with me, CJ.
User avatar #48 - removekimchi (07/15/2014) [-]
I went hiking on Mount Chiliad in GTA V with some other friends, just walking up the mountian and enjoying the pretty sights, and some guy crashed a intense bodyloveing C-130 into the mountianside, parachuted down to us, and hiked with us for almost a half hour. We had no clue who he was.
User avatar #50 to #48 - toxikxvenom (07/15/2014) [-]
thats gold
User avatar #13 - aussieftw (07/14/2014) [-]
All cool and emotional until you find out they probably murdered people for the bikes
#8 - anon (07/14/2014) [-]
San Andreas multiplayer (SA-MP) is probably the main reason I love PC gaming so much, it was absolutely insane
#31 - grimmwaters ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
User avatar #16 - bitchplzzz (07/14/2014) [-]
>play on Next Gen Roleplay
>stand peacefully around at the mall
>get killed by some autistic 12 year old sand ******* or a retarded slav
such is life on NGRP
#18 - goseikiba (07/14/2014) [-]
Comment Picture
User avatar #21 - zomaru ONLINE (07/14/2014) [-]
Back when Bullettrun was still around (a cookiecutter FPS, but it was fun) a friend and I were able to start a 10 min match and convinced every player that joined to not kill anyone. It was interesting to see a collection of people who didn't know each other and were on different teams to just run around side by side for no reason other than Lols.
#28 - minecraftnstuff (07/14/2014) [-]
does anyone know what happened to that story about that Irish dude whose mum died so his dad remarried to this not so good lady? I wanted to show someone but it's gone now...
#40 - anon (07/14/2014) [-]
Sorry I'm just testing something.
intense bodylove
my big tittied mommy
digestive end product
User avatar #49 to #40 - juventud (07/15/2014) [-]
shut up. i hope you get sodomized by the devil on national live tv and a few am radioshows
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