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#470 - dacaptainrogue
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(12/12/2012) [-]
Hey, so I've known this girl named Lorena for about 6 years. I am 20 years old and in college. I knew her since sophomore high school. I've always had feelings for her, we became best friends and I asked her out one day, but it felt weird and we continued to be friends instead. Until one day, in Senior year my parents decided to move to Texas, I lived in NJ at the time. When I moved she was the only person to keep in contact with me, we stayed in touch for about 3 more years, until 4 days ago. We were texting and she said " I know how it feels to have something special and not hold on to it, I never should've let our relationship get messed up like that, I have feelings for you" And I do, until now have feelings for her. So now I am moving to Colorado by my self, and she is gonna come stay with me for a month, this picture reminded me soooo much of our relationship. Also long distance relationships can work, depends on how much you love each other.