Long, but worth it. i don't know what to do for a description. so its tth grade, 1 was average but alone. but yet 1 didnt give a shit 11 year old me but 1 wasnt sad Life Love Cassie
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Long, but worth it

Long, but worth it. i don't know what to do for a description. so its tth grade, 1 was average but alone. but yet 1 didnt give a shit 11 year old me but 1 wasnt

i don't know what to do for a description

so its tth grade, 1 was
average but alone. but yet
1 didnt give a shit
11 year old me
but 1 wasnt
popular, and
subject to
constant bullying
i allways spent my tame
alone during recess
Untill 1 met her. the girl
of my dreams.
over a game of tag
Her name was Cassie, she was
skinny, small, and beautifui..
well for an 11 yearold Re
we hung out all of the tine,
every day 1 would spend the
afternoon at her house
I was no longer alone.
had a friend. a best
But 1 just didnt know it
at the tine.
It was June, 1 dont
remember the exact day.
all 1 remember is we were
messing around laughing
our asses off.
And then it hit me.
it was like a brick
fucking wall rushing
at me at speeds
faster than any
recorded by man
1 was have
I thought
about telling
her. 1
pondered it
for months.
almost a full
And then 1 maned the fuck up
and toad her. I wrote her a
poem, I bought some flowers,
and wrote a speech that
revealed my feelings for her.
I toad her everything. my
feelings, my love.
but 1 was to late” about 3
some douche bag from our school
had asked her out 3 hours
before, she was going to tell me
as soon as she saw me. but 1
toad her everything before she
could tell me.
she tried to tell me that she
had feelings for me at one
point, but 1 should of toad
her. she would of said yes. it
was her atempt to comfort me.
but 1 was already dead inside.
and quite frankly, what she
said made me feer worse
no rage face for this
part. we are going to
I bitched out. i was a love
struck teenager. quite
possibly the stupidest type
of person on the planet. my 3
year old brother had more
sense than me at the tame.
i went home, grabbed a gallon
of bleach, wrote myself a sad
suicide note. and downed
of Clorox bleach, mays
would be proud.
and guess who 1 saw first
sitting a
chair, at the
end of my bed
it was Cassie
I woke up the next day a
hospital bed, with 3 iv' s and
hooked up to a whale shit load
of monitors
WHEN} HIGH all] R"
she saw me, and it was like
the weight of the world was
lifted off her back
first she was
suprised to see me
then she was
an my gud, thank
we Tou' re alive.
thank one thank we
thank gas"
And then she was mad
What the an are
yen think van were
as yen have
any idea what the
fuck Van an ta
Then the disapointment
what an T guru: ta as
with yen"
And 1 just stood
there, taking
what l deserved
But a couple hours we
were back to normal.
besides the fact 1 was
a hospital bed. it was
like nothing happened
but, since 1 was stable my
throat had gnd degree burns,
but 1 was stable) 1 had to
I dont know about
you. but where 1
live, when you
try to Kill
yourself. you
have to go to a
mental health
For Three Months.
But Cassie
met me
every day
she could,
twice a
week. on
she would tell me about
fights with her boyfriend
she would make fun of my
hospital gown and scrubs.
joking of course
jokes on her
though, those
scrubs were
comfy as fuck
I would tell her stories about
how 1 got trouble with the
therapists and my french doctor
that 1 had fun messing with, as
a joke of course
Etti (it
And soon, 1
was out of
the hospital.
it was my
final day
that god damn
and guess who
was there to
pick me up.
mother fucking Cassie.
why the fuck are you
still wearing the
she toad me she broke up
with her Dang boyfriend
and she said she wanted to
I was happy. 1
1 was love.
1 was put the friendzone.
and now 10 years later we are married, with a beautifui baby
and 1 got out. the friendzone
isnt a tine sentence. things change, people change,
feelings change. because trusts . is change.
1 hope everything works out for you like it did for me
oh yeah. one more thing.
have always prevails
But listen. do not think killing yourself will get you the
girl you want. because 9999999991 of the tine, be
fucked. my shot was 1 a million.
1 went full retard. dont do what 1 did, dont do the
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