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#28 - taurusguy (07/20/2013) [-]
I havent had decent friends irl ever since i came to where i am still. Friends that i got from school werent friends, they were friends that are yours if you are valuable. Only friends ive had are online, and havent had that many of those either, its sad really, i have no idea why i cant find friends, and i can only blame myself, nobody even cares probably, but its a pain to be like this for almost 10 years.
User avatar #29 to #28 - ninjawizards (07/20/2013) [-]
You'll be ok. Trust me.
#30 to #29 - taurusguy (07/20/2013) [-]
I have no friends, friends that i can call, or message not even online, with which i can play and random game we both enjoy. But i have friends with which whenever i do meet i have the time of my life, for those moments i live, and they keep me alive.
User avatar #35 to #30 - damnpolice (07/20/2013) [-]
I feel you bro. If you ever want to message someone, im here. I know it dosent mean much coming from a random member, but im here when you want.
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