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#944 - afrosheep (09/24/2012) [-]
so his sister tried to kill her self everyday, but instead of calling for help he choose to make sure she didn't with little to no margin time. This is the stupidest feel post i have pretty much ever seen.
User avatar #948 to #944 - joestraightballa (09/24/2012) [-]
well, no... he was running just in case those last few seconds mattered. i know the feeling.
just in case if she is about to you might get in there right in time to stop her.
#949 to #948 - afrosheep (09/24/2012) [-]
so you also choose to be the only one caring for a suicidal relative, thinking that everyday you could save their life by being perfectly on time with a margin of 10 seconds to possible 1 minute?
User avatar #950 to #949 - joestraightballa (09/24/2012) [-]
no man... it's difficult to explain to you people on the internet...

you think to yourself "what if she is about to cut herself right now" or "shoot herself" so yes in that case ten seconds would matter.

no matter what way you look at it there is a better chance of her survival if you get in the house as fast as possible then if you just stroll in.. it's love man.

if anything it shows her how much she is loved.

try to use empathy or something
#952 to #950 - afrosheep (09/24/2012) [-]
let me just say that you alone should not be in charge of a persons life when you have no time to take care of her. My problem is not about whether or not he loves her it is the fact that couldn't protect her properly because of school. I f she was at a hospital the chances of her killing her self would be slim to none because they would take precautions against her killing herself. Furthermore he could see her after school every day without the need to run to her rescue.
User avatar #955 to #952 - joestraightballa (09/24/2012) [-]
some people don't have options like that.

people live in poverty. hospitals cost money.

and besides if it's a kid in school he has zero authority wherever he lives. his parents are probably drug addicts and alcoholics who neglect their kids to feed their habits.
#960 to #955 - afrosheep (09/24/2012) [-]
alright i have two last things to say... why didn't she a) kill her self when he was at school b) understand that he loves her enough that he wouldn't run away from her without telling her or at least takeing her with him?
a) The girl is either too young to go to school or has decided to stay home with her terrible parents instead of going to school. Otherwise she has no reason to kill herself.
b) saying that she is emotional enough to not understand that her brother loves her a lot is juvenile. Her brother keeps her alive with his presence meaning that see could not survive him going to school much less anywhere else for the rest of his life.
understand that this post was mad to try to make you think that this story is true. Hopefully you will realize that it isn't and admit that "yeah this is a pretty stupid scenario and i can think of hundreds of reasons why this post is false." Stop letting your emotions lead. Think!
User avatar #961 to #960 - joestraightballa (09/24/2012) [-]
i was actually in a situation similar to this. there's no need to act like a bad ass.. every second counts when you're with somebody you love man...
#966 to #961 - afrosheep (09/24/2012) [-]
drop reason for emotional experience, claim love to be stronger then reason. Then proceed to ignore rational messages in order to repeat a redundant thought process debunked several messages previous. Reads new message thinks that person in argument is retarded for rational thinking about a fake post, rant about love and time relation again and also will state how insensitive he is to suicidal people leading to man calling me stupid again. proceed to cry about why there is no love in this world. Hey look your con-sense well looks like you need to start thinking rationally !
User avatar #970 to #966 - joestraightballa (09/24/2012) [-]
i practice critical thinking in everything i do. it's logical that a person who forces themselves not to feel love, sorrow or sympathy is cursing themselves.

what goes around comes around.

and i am not sure how you got a majority of your assumptions.. i never insulted your intelligence, in fact you have a wide vocabulary.

and also i never called you insensitive. i said that you need to use empathy.

there is no love in this world that is true. as humans we worship the worst qualities in anything that is bad. that is a fact. i feel love. but only for my family or those i call my family. but no i have no sympathy for people committing suicide, in fact i hate them because it's so ******* self centered. i have sympathy for the ones that are left behind who tried so hard for nothing.

what more can be said..
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