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User avatar #713 - ninegagleader
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(11/04/2012) [-]
Hello Funnyjunkers.

First of all, I precise i come here with the maximum respect and i would like be respected.

as you can understand from my picture i come from 9.g.a.g. let's say that i've been elected as ambassador of 9.g.a.g. from the 9.g.a.g. army (we had elections on some forums).

why am I here ? I have serious intentions and I aks to you all to be serious too (because i know that you CAN be serious), as ambassador i'm here to bring peace, but peace is a result of TWO wills, that's why we have to collaborate.

so, I have a mission, peace, and the first step is understanding. I'm not here to judge anyone, I ask you to don't judge us. WARS ARE GENERATED BY IGNORANCE so please feel free to ask me anything about 9.g.a.g, let's start togeheter this path !

what we offer
-ceasefire (of our raids, youtube wars etc. etc.)

please don't stat to troll or post irrelevant things i'm serious.

Ambassador Matthew.
User avatar #724 to #713 - Nameloc
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(11/04/2012) [-]
4chan doesn't like Funnyjunk because Funnyjunk copies them.
Funnyjunk doesn't like 9gag because 9gag copies them.

It doesn't even matter, man. Namely it's just opinions.
Hell, neither of the website's user-base has tried to DDoS the other. So why want peace when it's just name calling behind their backs?
#722 to #713 - Darianvincent
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(11/04/2012) [-]
#736 to #722 - anon id: 334ba35c
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(11/26/2012) [-]
So you post a reaction pic explaining that another post isn't worthy of a reaction pic.