Check 'em Max. . File: -( 25 KB, 550x412, max/ pg) CI Anonymous M/ 23. ( Sat) 04: No/ h/, let me tell Wu a story about my dog named Max. We got Max hem a dog I  Check 'em Max File: -( 25 KB 550x412 max/ pg) CI Anonymous M/ 23 ( Sat) 04: No/ h/ let me tell Wu a story about my dog named We got hem I
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Check 'em Max

File: -( 25 KB, 550x412, max/ pg)
CI Anonymous M/ 23. ( Sat) 04: No/
h/, let me tell Wu a story about my dog named Max.
We got Max hem a dog I was a freshman in High School. My family had decided to get a deg. SC) we
took a family trip down to the breeders house en weekend. When we got there, all the dogs acted the ,
barking like mad. except ene. This dog steed apart hem all the others. He just sat there, cool and collective. staring
at us. We decided alter meeting him that we wanted to keep him. We took him home and we were truly in awe at
how calm he was. He seemed like he was right at home the whole time.
Time passed en, Max grew out of puppyfood and became a dog. He Reved to and lit up at the word
ball''. I remembering headaches updating, Max would always know what was up and came to the rescue, curling
up in your lap when Wu needed him the most. Max would hop around sleeping in everyones reams. Some nights
he would stay in my mem. seme nights he would stay in my parents reams. seme nights he would stay in my other brothers reem er my sisters mem.
Time grew en though, and we slowly started leaving the house. My brother and sisterzone to college, I joined the military. Soon we were all far away hem
home, with Max staying home with my parents. He was SC) excited when any of us came home, and we could see the disappointment when we told Max we
had to go away again.
Three days ago, I got a phone call hem my mem. Max was en his last leg. He starting having problems with his digestive system forthe past year er SC), but
my parents has decided to make the call. Max was suffering waiter much and they couldn' t stand to watch it anymore (he was always throwing up, couldn' t
keep anything down, could barely get up in the morning.
My brother had driven up hem college. My sister had hem her nutjob in California. I took a little longer to get home because I was overseas-
I had arrived at home to meet my mom. She had stayed home and waited behind fer me. My father, brother and silverware all at the vets with Max. By
the time we arrived, everyine was surrounding Max with the vet lady there in the mem. We were all given surcharge to say goodbye to Max, and then he
was administered his shot.
Max died in all of em arms, tails wagging, calm and collective just like the night we got him. I have never seem my family like that, tears streaming down
everyones face. We had lest a night.
However, I am posting this fer a reasen- Max and I used to post en m/ togethar He would sit in my lap and we would interneter) gether, when he
was with me and I get dubs, I would tell him" Max, DUES GET" and he would bark.
What I am asking fer is sameone to get doubles fer Max in this thread. Would mean a Bette me.
CI Anonymous M/ 23/ ) 04: No/
Cloack' em Max
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#57 - branstontang
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**branstontang rolls 22** for max
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(06/10/2012) [-]
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**pbsandwich rolls 00** For max.
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**jewstopper rolls 11**
#65 to #62 - jewstopper
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For you Max buddy
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(06/11/2012) [-]
**graenko rolls 55** here u go max
#7 - dramakid
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Get 'em, Max...
#161 - whitehawk
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(06/11/2012) [-]
trips max
#164 to #161 - anon
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but they are...
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**liebebella rolls 62** Here Max...
#37 to #22 - robinka
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**robinka rolls 99**
Lieber Max
User avatar #5 - oneeyedfreak
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(06/10/2012) [-]
"Let me tell you a story about my dog..."

#94 - kanatana
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(06/11/2012) [-]
**kanatana rolled a random image posted in comment #20 at The Lion King ** Biggest feel I've felt in a long, long time. I'm a dog person, and I DID NOT NEED THIS.