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#292 - raamageddon
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(01/14/2013) [-]
So. Time to look like a pathetic loser on the Internet.

I've had two actual girlfriends in the entirety of my life. Neither lasted because of the one major problem with people in general: ******* drama.

The first one had always liked my almost-best-friend for her whole life. They'd actually been dating prior to me getting with her, a fact I wasn't even aware of because he'd kept it quiet. Months go by, I ended up moving further away from her. We see each other only once every couple months, talk every day. On the phone one day, ended up making a joking comment about something I can't even recall, she turned it sexual. We went on for a little bit at her behest, then she suddenly sounds like she's nervous, says she's gotta go.

This is the point where I know I ****** up somehow, 'cause later on when I asked, she's pinning it all on me. I'd had plans to see her that weekend, and now she's in total bitch-mode. Ask about whether or not the weekend's still on, she says no, 'cause she's afraid of what might happen. She was always against sex and whatnot, and even though I'd never given any inclination toward it, I was now being accused of wanting to rape someone.

Second comes around, two years later. Off and on for a long long time, she was pretty much the opposite of the first. Ended up moving to her school (I move a lot), tried to be sociable, take some of the same classes, all that crap. Knew she already had a history, didn't really care about it, people are as they are. In the end, she breaks all contact with me. Ask her why, she says she tried ******* killing herself 'cause she ended up sleeping with another guy repeatedly.

And here I am. Eighteen, antisocial as ****, still most definitely a virgin (Don't really care) and pretty much incapable of bothering with most people romantically anymore. I don't have high standards, but I'll wait 'til the end of time if my only other option is a drama queen or someone I can't trust.

... Still kinda depressing though. ._.