god hates those who DONT repost. Yes, that's me. Subscribe for more occasional Facebook win, and friend me. I want more friends so I can stop being foreveralone facebook WTF Stupid dumb sharpie in the Pooper
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god hates those who DONT repost

Yes, that's me. Subscribe for more occasional Facebook win, and friend me. I want more friends so I can stop being foreveralone.jpg

OI YOU. I see you about to skip. Hit one of the bloody thumbs so I know whether you want to see more or less of this kind of stuff. Please and thank you.

L. . E f u wanna go to heaven
He saw u reading this
R. E. furs. T f u really wanna go to heaven
Got 33 seconds to repost this or w mom dies in 33 days not taking a chance
Like Comment post 13 miner. es age it
9 people like this,
I - how weild you knew that w meme gonna die,,,
only God decide '
15 minutes age I Like
13 minutes age , Like I , 1
I Wheele ‘hem. .I teld him the exact the sen' thing "
13 minutes age . Like
12 minutes age I Like
I ‘ it should be like -, LICE ifu wanne go w
I _ yes yes and i deleted it ED l!
He sew U reading this
F'.. E. F'. D. S. T ifu really wanne go w heaven
12 minutes age . Like
I Ii[ yle‘ putting that up lel
11 minutes age . Like . , 1
I Georgia- don' t think god will decide whe' s going w
heaven by reposting e Fe swine liee
10 minutes age I Unlike I , q
Benjina ‘We got another one, boss"
Another ene, Johnson?"
teah boss, didn' t repost this in 33 decends, and his mum died. Peer
bastard as well, he wen' t even go be heaven either, God doesn' t trake
kindly w people whe ant repost things as they' re teld en Facebewk,
and he checks every def
we damn Johnson,, when will this madness end”.
like really? This .. really?
10 minutes age I Like . , 4
fergie EEO but it gives people idea that there is e
God, .. then they might slew seeking Fer Him "
8 minutes age I Like
Benjina‘ Note w self- IF God sends me e friend request,
decline it, I dent went him m see that I' forgotten w repost
8 minutes age , Like . , 1
I Tinsel; Bro even though God is net w friend en he an
still be w friend,, he deosnt cheese whe m be friends wif.. its U whe
6 minutes age , Like
set the scene, shall I?
God has messaged you!
I) Mail.
God: Listen you bastard, We knew the rules. Fail w repost that
message, and I' ll damn you w hell. What' s that? That' s ridiculous?
Yes I thought so tee but some douche put it en Facebewk so it must
be legitimate, when you get dawn there, tell Sewn he still has my
Love Actually DVD and I went it back,
3 minutes age , Like
so w saying that w the same level es God w think the
2 minutes age , Like
I' m saying I' m an atheist and I respect your
beliefs, but people belittle the religion by simplifying your gods all
powerful judgement of character by deeming that e Facebewk post
will decide your Fete in an after lifee,
A Few seconds age . Like
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Submitted: 12/24/2011
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User avatar #1 - arrisarrad (12/24/2011) [-]
You know, the idea of Hell as a place where sinners go and are eternally tormented is a fabrication of the medieval Catholic church. The Bible actually describes the judgement as an event, where the righteous are taken to heaven and the unrighteous are simply eradicated. Although there is some controversy about a few cryptic verses in Revelations that appear to describe a thousand year period between Jesus' second coming and the judgement, where all the sinners, living and previously dead have a chance to make amends. Sometimes Christians can be really illogical. That irks me.
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