If historical events had status updates. The best ever!. El News Feed Top news " Most Recent 3 s on your mind? I like Linemen Going to the theater tonight with  facebook troll history inventions
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If historical events had status updates

El News Feed Top news " Most Recent 3
s on your mind? I
like Linemen Going to the theater tonight with the missus., got private hoe seats,
were ago - Comment ' Like
sh me Wilkes Boom likes this,
Ben Franklin Signed up the declaration of independence today. Heeyah.
234 were ago - Comment - Like
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a Yau mew up new
25 minutes ago . Like
me Adana Bring it.
25 minutes ago . Like
y, Ben Hamlin the Emu dan' t who a chance.
15 minutes ago . Like
Therese , Hematite? Here like .
8 minutes ago . Like
We emu wenette sign meets? Butthat
5 minutes ago . Like
2! Ben So we gathered.
N it minutes ago . Like
3' 5 Ancient Asteroid is hittin' up earth today, if ya knew what I mean.
mime years ago - Comment - Like
l 35 minutes age . Like
e tiea" minutes age . Like
30 minutes age . Like
12 minutes age . Like
Cele maia Space Shuttle ‘impounded passing Into the atmosphere on our way
tacit to Earth! The homecoming party is gonna be mesa
T were ago - Comment . Like
mi Central .-utt, guys‘?
la" 25 minutes ago . Like
Galileo So turns out the earth... goes around the son. who knew’?
JED were we r Comment ' Like
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I :3 The CHEN hahaha and you mule’ the
Galilee Nathing. We an was fast.
ET minutes age . Like
y J' , The eh: -eh heme rapilight seriously cut it and he LI’ metre enzyme
i.'. 42 miutes age . Like
Galilee No Fm ltd, Wept Want its see my prom'?
fft minutes age . Like
ll E The Chimed Tiled SHUT YOUR ! UTH. THU SHUT IT NOW:
29 minutes age . Like
Charles Darwin Crazy news... looks like all living creatures evolved from more
q basis forms otter millennia-
I 151 were we , Comment , Like
f . The Chilleh blahaha u drinkin' lore?
all minutes age . Like
Charles Darwin I' m senses. And Pm pretty -
I whales.
It? minutes age . Like
ii '., '3 The Chum we was mum an we JUST SHUT up
t . 25 minutes age . Like
if" Julius cease My boys pulled together a lil' get together at the ease tonight-
tit Gonna be killer party.
r 2953 were ago 'Comment - Like
Home Oh it' ll be killer alright.
It hours age . Like
y, : Caesar Hahah don' t be many, dude.
Ehlers age "Like
God Hello? Anyone?
BEBE years ago la to The Holy Bible] - Comment - Like
God Ge mum.
T we ago . Like
God slanted Light
7 days ago . Like
at God created the heavens and the Earth
God steamed Adam
a) see created Eye
sh an and The snake Eire this
i. y The Chared I lie the that kind eater.
T 20 hauls age . Like
tit Adam and Eve Heated engine sin
ft The Chum lites itta
Jesus. we tawny Dad, I get this,
it more age . Like
Tris nit: bitchslapped a pussy I iceberg on my way to NY
so ye ms ego . Comment . Like
iceberg ' dyou ?
E f 2 hours age . Like
new Yeah smite, yeti heights mew! HAHAHA
its 1 hour ago . Like
INI letharg say, .
minutes ege- Like
ti Ir?
ACI minutes age . Like
wry seeker near?
30 marit. taes age . Like
String Quartet T, we want Lists star phyla’?
25 minutes ago . Like
l' rosalie Nope. Maire comin' ‘Erin me.
20 minutes age . Like
lease News God damned apple fell out of a tree and hit me on the head.
TM were so . Cemment I Like
25 minutes and . Like
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Why is John Hancock a picture of Will Smith..?
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