Best Z Fighter of All Time. Can't fight it... You're all just going to die popo
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You're all just going to die
You're all just going to die
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Then you and I are going to have a problem.
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Now we all know this guy is the most powerful. Come on guys everyone knows that.
Now we all know this guy is the most powerful. Come on guys everyone knows that.
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**noobmaster rolled a random image posted in comment #345133 at Friendly ** Right before he is killed by this
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Pecking order
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Is there a bigger and better quality of this glorious image?
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krillin? why are you crying?
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**Visco rolls 16** If dubs, I am popo
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Bitch Please
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You don't get the joke.

Watch the TFS Abridged DBZ parodies.
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no jokes here mr. Satan is the best no tricks fighter ever
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You assume he doesn't get the joke.
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WOOHOO MR.SATAN!!!!!!!! HE SAVED US FROM CELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i used to have a theory about mr popo that i thought was crazy a few years ago
but now that everyone likes to portray him as a powerful figure (even if its just a joke)
i might as well throw in my 2 cents

shenron could grant 1 wish a year and produced evil fighters as powerful as a ssj4 from corrupted energies
Porunga could grant 3 wishes and if the energy were released would make fighters 3x as powerful

mr popo is a genie and while he can grant 3 wishes like Porunga he doesnt have to wait, he can grant 3 more wishes every time he changes masters giving him the ability in theory to grant hundreds if not thousands of wishes

if fighting power= total wishes mr popo would be literally thousands of times more powerful then both of the dragons combined

and i think the original guardian of the earth recognized this and hid mr popos lamp so he would never be unleashed or become corrupted from over wishing and would always remain a servant to the guardians
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he's not a genie. if so they would ask to him, since it would be no need to look for the dragon balls.

also, when dende becomes the earth's god, he changes shenron so he can grant 3 wishes too, have you even watched the series?
#31 to #30 - afreeti (02/22/2013) [-]
yes ive watched the series the real question is have you
mr popo is a genie as stated in the dragon ball series he is bound to the lookout and his lamp is given no other mention in the series he has demonstrated his abilites when he was asked to find the dragon balls and found them all in less then a week
#32 to #31 - sandubadear (02/27/2013) [-]
please tell me where in the manga this is stated.

he is bound to the lookout because he is kind of an assistant-deity, and he found the dragon balls quickly because he can teleport with his flying carpet, and he had the dragon radar.
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Mr. Popo (ミスター・ポポ) is an assistant-deity who is apparently an immortal genie
#34 to #33 - sandubadear (03/04/2013) [-]
is apparently a genie, but it wasnt ever revealed in the manga.
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I found Mr.Popo's long lost wife.
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Oh Kami you know i don't torture...cats
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make this a DLC character for one of the newer dbz games,his special attack is creepy teleport kamehameha,he says Hi with face close up and when hes gone ujr dead
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pecking order
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surprise twist at the end of the new movie coming out: Mr. Popo beats the hell out of the Cat-god thing
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**rollusername rolled user therealfishyxander ** is a better Z fighter
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Why couldn't this have been real?!
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