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I ******* hate atheists /fj/. Sorry but I just need to get that off my chest. I mean how can you not look at a smiling baby or a bunch of ducklings following their mother in a straight line and not see the hand of God. They see no value in anything because their ****** up beliefs state that everything came from nothing, so by association, everything is worthless. I firmly believe that it is they who are worth nothing. Because they primarily only exist on the internet and you occasionally see them on the street in their ****** cars with bumper stickers proclaiming the non-existence of God. They ******* sicken me. The government should make it legal to shoot them like the ******* dogs they are. This is a Christian nation after all. Maybe if we get a good Christian president (it won't happen for at least 4 years since Santorum dropped out) he can make atheism a crime and we can lock those ******* up in a maximum security prison, where they won't be able to get on the internet and spread their ******* evolutionist lies. I would love to see these ******* ******** getting plowed in the ass by "Bubba the Butt-raper" during their time in prison. It would be a nice little preview of what awaits them in the afterlife.
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You deserve all the gay porn that you so much just asked for ("I would love to see these ******* ******** getting plowed in the ass by Bubba the Butt-raper"). How do you go on about atheists being dogs who deserve to get shot to death and imprisoned while you are giving hate speeches about us? Were you not taught by your religion that you should love all and offer love and compassion? next. How is it that your god can judge me when i die. so let me get this straight: he/she/it/ *************** , is going to put me on earth with free will, then put things in my head that make me believe something other than him. (if you say that he is just testing my faith, I say god is a pretentious **** ). You can't tell someone that the only way to avoid jail time is by killing another person, then say, "oops i was just testing to see if you would do it". Now I'm just gonna **** with you, can you disprove science after having read that? can you prove with physical proof that god exists? I know i can prove that evolution and atoms exists, but you can't prove that you've seen a big white bearded guy floating in the clouds, can you? have you ever seen god? heard god? even smelled god? Next. what about the hundreds of years of medicine and technology that might have saved the lives of many that were hurt of killed by your retarded ass kind that we got set back because you and your kind of person was too closed minded to even think about it? Oh but you don't care do you? because all you care about is that you go to "heaven" where you will stay for life. Now think about this, christians think that homosexuality is wrong, so why would god create it? just to send more people to hell? also, if god is allmighty and makes no mistakes, how could he make homosexuality? is god not all powerful? could I find him and take him out with a missile (if he did exist at all)? or maybe its not god who made these "mistakes", its his followers? Oh wait, then god made a real mistake. Get off the internet.
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i forgot to sign in
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"The government should make it legal to shoot them like the ******* dogs they are" so you should dogs in your free time?
#169 to #131 - epicmeri (04/17/2012) [-]
Okay, anon. Sure. "everything came from nothing".

Except that most atheists just want to learn HOW everything came into being. And what came before that, and that.

We just don't think that some all powerful god made everything. Doesn't mean you can't see the beauty in the world.
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Atheist here. Only atheists think "everything came from nothing"? then where did god come from. Who made him? Who gave birth to him? Atheists appreciate everything the world has to offer, perhaps even more than christians, because we know how ASTRONOMICALLY small the odds are that anything is even here. If God is the all powerful creator, why does everything suck so much? Why can't humans fly, why do we have unneeded organs, why are there illnesses? If God was going to create a being, why not make him perfect? Also this video makes some good points youtube. com/watch?v=VY2u7JZck_I
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i'm a Christian and wtf is this? u shouldn't try to force your beliefs on others. This is what gives Christians a bad name! whats wrong with being atheist or any other religion for that matter.
User avatar #193 to #146 - grimsho (04/17/2012) [-]
You're the type of christian I like.
Unfortunately, and this is the case in almost every matter, not just religion, but it is not the majority that speak for an entire group of people, but simple the loudest and most obnoxious members of the group.
#145 to #131 - anon (04/17/2012) [-]
Many things are wrong with this paragraph. 1. Why would you apologize, then write an entire god damn (<-- because **** you) paragraph anyway? 2. Your "God" says all life has value, whether or not their atheist, so don't call other human beings worthless. 3. Atheists are everywhere, not just on the internet, ******** . Maybe you're the one who needs to get off the internet? 3. I see more Christian bumper stickers than I do Atheist ones. 4. The government has the Bill of Rights, first amendment; Freedom of Religion and Speech, bitch. 5. This is not a Christian nation. The Constitution specifly says the U.S. has no set religion. 6. Santorum as an ass with no support, which is why he dropped out. 7. There are more people who beleive in God in prison than atheists, which is why there is church programs in prison. I hope you burn in the Hell your God made for you because of your extremist beliefs. DONE.
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I'm sorry but this is what you call a "Bible Basher". I am atheist for my own reasons. I respect all religious views and i don't think it should matter. That's basically like saying those who like Justin Bieber should be raped and put in jail if we get a president that doesn't like him. See how stupid it is? If you don't see how they are similar then you must be an idiot. Have you ever noticed how they are called Religious Beliefs? Not Religious Facts? It is because people can, and should be able to have a say in what they do believe and what they don't. Also, I am a very nice guy. I am not a " ******* ******** " Because i do not believe in a higher being than me.
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but in seriousness, it's anon, probably a troll, but why should you care about other people's lives? I'm an athiest, I get straight As, I have a loving family (who's actually Catholic), and I have a lot of friends who I love and have great times with. I respect all and anyone who I meet, no matter where they come from, how old they are, the color of their skin, hair, height, weight, whatever. As long as you respect what others believe on and are happy with your life, why should it matter what other people believe?
User avatar #139 to #137 - jakerszzzz (04/17/2012) [-]
See? There are a lot of nice Atheists
User avatar #168 to #139 - specialday (04/17/2012) [-]
If God exists, he would prefer kind atheists over hateful Christians.
User avatar #140 to #139 - zigzagderpaderp (04/17/2012) [-]
Thank your, sir.
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1/10, i replied
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