and now you're all weirded out by that. Season 4 Episode 2 Fires of Pompeii. Revisit it and get weirded out like I did... Amy was in that episode too.
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and now you're all weirded out by that

Season 4 Episode 2 Fires of Pompeii. Revisit it and get weirded out like I did.

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Submitted: 09/03/2013
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User avatar #19 - ireallylikepotatoe (09/04/2013) [-]
The BBC basically only has 5 actors.

Karen Gillam was in this episode too.
User avatar #14 - dagramcraka ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
i was re watching all the episodes a few weeks ago.. and i noticed that he was the next doctor after Matt Smith
#13 - anonymous (09/04/2013) [-]
Fun fact: in the episode where the dalek are fighting against the cybermen, the actress who would later go on to play Martha Jones is one of the first people to be taken by the Cybermen.

I think they later clear that up by saying it was Martha's cousin.
User avatar #12 - LaBarata (09/04/2013) [-]
He came back in time just so he could see Donna one last time.
User avatar #11 - Maroon (09/04/2013) [-]
Well, this certainly makes things awkward
#10 - azraelthemage (09/04/2013) [-]
007 is best time lord.
#18 to #10 - traveller (09/04/2013) [-]
Technically he actually is, he is lord president of Gallifrey meaning he is the 'best' Time Lord. That and eh can kill and doesn't afraid of anything.
#17 to #10 - anonymous (09/04/2013) [-]
Oh my god. James Bond just regenerates!
#5 - traelos (09/03/2013) [-]
Amy was in that episode too.
Amy was in that episode too.
User avatar #15 to #5 - dagramcraka ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
I thought it was Donna that was in that episode....
User avatar #16 to #15 - numaniod (09/04/2013) [-]
She was an extra really. Donna was the doctors girl.
#6 to #5 - darthtorn (09/03/2013) [-]
Wow, then again, that new girl just jumped into the 11th life/timestream so she can save the doctor in any ******* era. Amy must've done the same thing while she was living it up with Rory in New York.
User avatar #8 to #6 - butterisgood (09/03/2013) [-]
Or you know....maybe they're just doing their jobs as actors, and are playing different roles.
User avatar #9 to #8 - lightninghorse (09/04/2013) [-]
don't stop believing
User avatar #2 - sexyhimself (09/03/2013) [-]
Did Peter say that?
User avatar #3 to #2 - teranin ONLINE (09/03/2013) [-]
No, it's a joke.
#20 to #3 - princessren has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #4 to #3 - sexyhimself (09/03/2013) [-]
oh. I am kinda dissapoint now
#1 - butterisgood (09/03/2013) [-]
u wot m8
u wot m8
User avatar #7 to #1 - mitchthehugeman (09/03/2013) [-]
I feel like Peter is going to say " **** Colin, you came too soon."
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