Too many feels.. Doctor Who feels are powerful feels.. Doctor Who feels Companions sadness
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Good thing you have two.
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It's too early for these feels
It's too early for these feels
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Rose went away
So the Doctor is blue
Ask Donna, "where is the Doctor"
she'll reply, "Doctor Who?"
Sarah Jane, and Martha
And Now both the Ponds
Had their fun with the Doctor
And now they've all Gone
So ask me again
Why the TARDIS is Blue:
There's a sad man inside
With both hearts torn in two.
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Rose + The Doctor

I like Donna, but I wanted Rose to have his little timelord babies
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she can die for all I care
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Dammit anon.
Dammit anon.
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confession-time: i could never stand donna. annoying bitch.
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catherine tate is kind of the worst companion since reboot tho :c
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Finally, an excuse to dump these
Finally, an excuse to dump these
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This scene made me weep
This scene made me weep
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just because
just because
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I would had imaging it wouldn't had been difficult to look in the comments to see someone beat you to it by 12 hours ago.
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I...Hate... Her...Bitch
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Terrible show
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I recently started the series and I think I made a revelation. The doctor travels around the universe to hundreds of planets meeting hundreds of different life forms but only accepts humans as permanent companions. Is this preference just about characteristics mentally? Or perhaps such a likeness allows him to secretly dream that he is not alone anymore. Perhaps this deep connection with someone so similar to a timelord, in appearance at least, makes him feel truly happy in what has become a universe of solitude and agony to him. So....good thoughts or a swing and a miss?
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I'm not very far into the series yet, but one thing they mention about him is that humans are his favorite.
User avatar #28 to #23 - lorddarkskull (04/23/2013) [-]
there's a human from a story-telling standpoint because viewers need someone to ask questions so the doctor has an excuse to explain things out loud
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I like my theory about the feels more than yours about identifying with the audience. He could have teemed up with the potato dwarf from that Christmas special with the killer snowmen but no, Clara on the other hand....
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