#TimeLordConfessions. Found on Facebook. when talking to Ilium. I' ll . Ebonic‘ iii'. Need moar of these.
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Found on Facebook

Tags: doctor | who
talking to Ilium. I' ll .
Ebonic‘ iii'
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Submitted: 05/12/2013
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User avatar #65 - theseventhdoctor (05/28/2013) [-]
Lol that's good lol
#51 - bdowns (05/13/2013) [-]
**bdowns rolled a random image posted in comment #1928288 at Friendly **
#50 - biguglyface **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#40 - princessren has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #27 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
Wrong Doctor!
User avatar #22 - Loppytaffy (05/13/2013) [-]
Does it bother anyone else that he won't know her in any of his next generations, and that all the adventures they shoudl go on will never happen?

Moffat had a good story there, then screwed it up with Amy. And Amy was a good character, too. He just...Mary-Sue'd her.
#42 to #22 - danlathegreat (05/13/2013) [-]
No. She was a much better mystery, and should never have been in the series again. I'm probably the only person who thinks that though =/
User avatar #28 to #22 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
He will always know her.

Do you not understand the story?

The Doctor doesn't know her the first time he meets her but the first time he meets her during "Silence in the Library" and "Forests of the Dead" is the last time she will see him ( as she dies ). He then goes through finding out more and more about her and we'll eventually come to the point where he knows her completely and she doesn't know him at all.
User avatar #38 to #28 - dederplaol (05/13/2013) [-]
and when they know about as much about the other one they get married amirite?
User avatar #39 to #38 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
"The Wedding of River Song" is the the point in which the get married in the alternate universe and then it sticks in the regular world due to a bind Time Oath.

Yes, that is the middle point of their relationship. Going forward in time the Doctor knows more and more about her and she knows less and less. We will eventually get to the point where she doesn't know him at all.
User avatar #41 to #39 - fckya ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
That was 'let's kill Hitler, wasn't it?" Because river didn't know the doctor. Also, they don't meet in exactly the opposite order, only not the correst one.
User avatar #55 to #41 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
I think so but I think there is one more to come. The last time he'll ever see her and the first time she sees him.
#45 to #41 - nekky (05/13/2013) [-]
^ This. We've already seen where she doesn't know him when she was assigned to kill him before they met. Their timeline is all wibbly-wobbly.
User avatar #19 - calawesome (05/13/2013) [-]
anyone else seen nightmare in silver yet?...better than the last one, but still not good.
User avatar #35 to #19 - wilburn (05/13/2013) [-]
yea what about it?
User avatar #61 to #35 - calawesome (05/13/2013) [-]
exactly what I said...better than the last one,but still not good.
#14 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
#8 - dcdt (05/13/2013) [-]
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User avatar #7 - negitivzero (05/13/2013) [-]
To be honest I think that sounds more like something River would do.
User avatar #6 - nsali (05/13/2013) [-]
grrr , stop with the spoilers all ready , im only one the 1st season of the 10th doctor, i dont even know who the hell river is!!
#34 to #6 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
River Song is the Doctor's wife and companion and the daughter of Amy and Rory (who are also his companions). Oh, and btw Oswin is a dalek, Jack is the Face of Boe, Rose is the Bad Wolf and the Pandorica was made to capture the Doctor. Have an awful day, ****** .
User avatar #16 to #6 - fxuredfoxx ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
Its past the time limit for spoilers on the 10th doctor so in the nature of the internet, the daleks fight the cybermen, the doctor loses rose and donna forgets everything :)
User avatar #31 to #16 - nsali (05/13/2013) [-]
see!, i dont even know who donna is!
User avatar #29 to #16 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
Quit being a prick to him.
#17 to #16 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
Already saw all this, so it ruinned nothing to me. Still..
Personally, i don't think there should be a time when spoilers are allowed.
You're blatantly a dick. **** you. I hope you get thumb raped. I'll thumb down all your content everytime i'll remeber you. Once again, **** you.
User avatar #18 to #17 - fxuredfoxx ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
Hay sorry saw you commented but it couldn't reach me over here you must be in a country where things dont go as far as there meant to D: but you have me wrong since the 10th doctor is Christopher eccleston which started back in 2005 so if you haven't watched every episode since then in the 7 years its been running you clearly arnt a fan of the show your just jumping on a wagon and deserve to have your balls busted but thank you random person who be without a name for pointing out im a dick on the internet ill just run along and watch Matt smith become a cyber planner and save the big arse abandoned theme park from the cybermen over here in jolly ol' England since im guessing you are not from here and have some ****** up views on England now here's a big word to confuse you vegetable D: also apart from you everyone seems quite alright on funnyjunk and generally spoilers are regarded as okay to say after i think its 6 months of the episode showing :)
User avatar #37 to #18 - crazyhindu (05/13/2013) [-]
ok i agree with you but two things eccelston was 9th and no need to spoil the newest ******* episode
User avatar #32 to #18 - nsali (05/13/2013) [-]
"the 10th doctor is Christopher eccleston"....ummm no, he is the 9th, david tenant is the 10th, and i didnt have a way to watch it till a year or so back (cable sucks in BFE), i know im behind but smashin nutsacks all sounds a bit serious dont you think?
User avatar #20 to #18 - misfitxcreepx (05/13/2013) [-]
I really don't understand people like you. Do you not want the show to have more people watching it? Are the only people that are allowed to watch a certain show the people that started watching it right when it came out?
I hadn't heard of the show until last year. Is it my fault that I hadn't heard of it? Is it such an awful thing that when I finally did hear about it, I started watching it and loved it, or should I have said "Oh, this revival of the show started in 2005, I guess I can't watch it now cause I'll just be jumping on the bandwagon"

There's a difference between jumping on a bandwagon, and simply hearing about a show late.

Also, Eccleston was the 9th doctor, not 10th.
User avatar #23 to #20 - fxuredfoxx ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
Your incorrect there he is the 10th :) well tell me this since your not on a band wagon, what happened in the first ever episode of doctor back in the time of black and white ?
User avatar #30 to #23 - ajperry (05/13/2013) [-]
You are an utter ****** do you know that?
User avatar #26 to #23 - HeeroYuy (05/13/2013) [-]
no seriously, 9th is eccleston, 10th is tennant, and 11th is smith. the kids right on that one.
User avatar #49 to #26 - yetaxaa (05/13/2013) [-]
He must be referring to the current reports that John Hurt will be playing the real 9th Doctor in the 50th anniversary special, which would make Chris the 10th, Tennant the 11th, and so on.
User avatar #58 to #49 - HeeroYuy (05/13/2013) [-]
i guess that would make sense.
User avatar #24 to #23 - misfitxcreepx (05/13/2013) [-]
The two teacher (forgot their names. I think one was a history teacher?) were concerned about one of their mutual students, Susan, who was doing great in both of their classes, but said some kind of weird things, disagreeing with them about what they were teaching or whatever. They decide to go to her listed address to see what's up. They find a junkyard, And the TARDIS, and the doctor, and susan, and blah blah, they go into the TARDIS. Eventually The Doctor tells Susan to choose between staying in that time or leaving with him since he can't stay there anymore. They end up going to the stone age, where the next 3(?) episodes take place.

And no. 9th is Eccleston, 10th is Tennant, and 11th is Smith.
User avatar #54 to #24 - fxuredfoxx ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
They recently revealed that John hurt would be the ninth doctor as a forgotten regen and bravo i give to you your blue badge of knowledge .
User avatar #59 to #54 - crazyhindu (05/13/2013) [-]
Wait really? when?
#57 to #54 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
I just remembered you and thumbed down your content again, and your comments.
See you later, dick.
User avatar #10 to #6 - dkillakai (05/13/2013) [-]
don't worry, noone really ever does...she's just a bamf
User avatar #9 to #6 - BadManTaliban (05/13/2013) [-]
dude, trust me, just knowing her name doesn't spoil **** .
#15 to #9 - someoneforamoment (05/13/2013) [-]
Actually it kinda does.
User avatar #36 to #15 - crazyhindu (05/13/2013) [-]
No it kinda doesn't
#56 to #36 - someoneforamoment (05/13/2013) [-]
Melody Pond.
#5 - renzard (05/13/2013) [-]
Need moar of these.
User avatar #1 - mudkipfucker (05/12/2013) [-]
Shouldn't it be the 11th doctor pictured?
River and 10 only knew each other briefly
#33 to #1 - anonymous (05/13/2013) [-]
he was talking about an actual river
User avatar #21 to #1 - cazabrow ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
David Tennant is better..
#12 to #1 - paradoxpoetic (05/13/2013) [-]
In the episode she admitted that she thought the psychic paper went further back than she thought it would, to a version of the Doctor that wasn't supposed to be there. Once she realized that this was when they met, well... You know the rest.
User avatar #3 to #1 - wankershimm **User deleted account** (05/12/2013) [-]
it has always bothered me that 10 only meets river once, yet it doesnt occur to river, that it is the first time he sees her, even when she knows he is a younger regeneration than she ever have met him in.
User avatar #11 to #3 - lorddarkskull (05/13/2013) [-]
sadness not okay time below, you are warned

she does not want to accept that this is the last time she sees the doctor, and is trying desperately to get him to remember so she knows there will be a next time
User avatar #13 to #11 - wankershimm **User deleted account** (05/13/2013) [-]
but they dont nessersarily meet eachother in oposite order, river met the doctor in the middle of everything, so just because its the first time he meets her, it dosent nessersarily mean she i going to die there
User avatar #25 to #13 - wiredguy ONLINE (05/13/2013) [-]
I get the feeling that he might have told her that much at some point.
"The first time I met you was the last time you met me" or whatever.

I also get the feeling that it is never at all implied that we see everything the Doctor does with his time with each companion.
Like, if that were so, each one would only last him a few weeks, and he always talks about months or years of history; especially with Rose, whom he wouldn't have had enough time to fall in love with over only the time showed in scripted episodes.
So I guess he must have met her several times before regenerating into 11, we just didn't see. She did recognise him after all, right?
User avatar #48 to #25 - wankershimm **User deleted account** (05/13/2013) [-]
he doesnt tell her anything about that, one of the last things she says is something like "I guess you knew the end all along?"
#2 to #1 - anonymous (05/12/2013) [-]
I don't understand, they're the same person..
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