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#56 - anon id: 7966596c
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(12/31/2012) [-]
Someone explain what this guy is and why he's scary?
#59 to #56 - tetusic
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(12/31/2012) [-]
"The Silence" is an alien race in the show Doctor Who. You can see them all you like, but the second you look away, you forgot they ever existed. In the show, they use sharpies to keep tallies on their arm to keep track of how many they saw. They're freaky. But the creature, The Silence, being in a library is relevant to another episode with a different kind of alien, the Vashta Nerada, who live in shadows and are carnivorous. The more you know.
User avatar #61 to #59 - Petroleum
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(12/31/2012) [-]
The Silence aren't only a race, they're also a religious order.
User avatar #62 to #61 - tetusic
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(12/31/2012) [-]
Yeah, I was going to put that but didn't feel like explaining that it was both a Religious Order and an alien race :P