im a monster

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Submitted: 07/12/2012
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User avatar #1 - adremalech (07/12/2012) [-]
I would go to my grandma's house and look for frogs. When I found them, I would fling them into her neighbors yard using her clothes line.
#4 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
Oh nooo God forbid you torture animals. Go away and come back with picture of humans on fire.
User avatar #5 - bagononsense (07/13/2012) [-]
Sound like we have a new Hitler brewing. [or a new Alton Turner Blackwood if anyone gets the reference..]
#2 - anon (07/13/2012) [-]
At night, there are geckos ******* everywhere. So I like to capture one or two and put them in little plastic baggies and watch them get close to suffocating. Once they get close to stop breathing i open the bag back up and then take one out and start cutting it with a razor while keeping it alive while the other one gets close to suffocation again. After cutting it around its body, I finally cut its head off and throw the head and body in the bag with the other gecko and watch it get soaked in blood. I let the other poor bastard suffocate to death and just throw everything away in my trash can outside. inb4 future serial killer
#7 - semidemon ONLINE (07/14/2012) [-]
lost it at private jet to hell
User avatar #8 to #7 - derpyisditzy (07/14/2012) [-]
im glad someone laughed
User avatar #3 - derpyisditzy (07/13/2012) [-]
it wouldnt only be lizzards too, i would take my bb gun and hunt down birds to dismember their corpses
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