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#351 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
you want to hear a story? well i had a girl, she was insane, but i didn't know that level of insanity until just recently. we went out a long time ago, in October. things were great back then, we go to the same high school, her a year older than me. every time i saw her she would like jump and giggle with excitement and give me a big hug. she was the first girl i told that i loved her first, the other ones said it themselves. now i knew this girl had problems, depression, anxiety, adhd, but the same things i deal with, with the exception that she cuts and i dont. she did have cutting problems. but anyway this girl was great, things worked out nice, we hung out all the time and always got along and got to see each other often. she went to my football games even wearing my away jersey at home games. things were amazing until i found her sending bikini pics to some guy on a dating site. now they were ones on fb, so i didnt freak out that much to her, but he was calling her baby and didnt realize that she was trying to get rid of him now that she had me. i worked it out with her, but she let me tell the guy off, said some rude things and some minor threatening, not a great idea but still. during this time we also found out she had mono, and didnt know. fortunatly i never got it. later that week a guy kept flirting her and so she gave me his number to get him to stop...while talking to him he said she was ending a relationship, but i passed this off as him lying, still i worked it out. but next day she left me. she wouldnt even talk to me about what why she did it the next school day only saying she couldnt have a bf with her cutting getting worse and her having problems with school because of mono, but i knew it was something more. she kept like trying to avoid me and i kept trying for about 5 minutes then gave up. aparently that was too much and she decided to tell the teachers that i not talk to her. so i left it alone for a while.......CONT
#362 to #351 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
CONTINUING KEEP IN MIND IT GETS FAR FAR WORSE....so after a while of not talking, she texts me again, telling me shes sorry and misses me. she says she never really stopped thinking about me and we hung out and it was like magical. held each other and im telling her i dont ever want her to leave, it was great to finally kiss her again. i fell for it. and next day she says no my problems are still horrible, i cant bring you into this. she tries telling me she doesnt want me to pass up opportunities waiting for her as in other great girls. i tell her i only want to be with her eventualy she changes her mind again. but guess what she does the next day? changes it again. now this cycle repeats once more, never hanging out this time but talking and her telling me in the same sweet voice how shes missed me while skyping. that cycle was after she changed her number so i quit bothering her. then her texting me with that new number the next day.

weeks pass, this cycle continues again, us talking again and hanging out at lunch. at this point all my friends tell me no shes trouble. but im trapped, i loved her. now we still arent the same. she says she doesn't want any boyfriend right now and i tell her ill wait. well **** gets worse.

in this cycle she starts flirting with her friend right in front of me. shes laying on him, wont walk with both of us, only gives him a hug not me then wont talk to me yet again. im done at this point, she keeps spilling feelings then changing them. so time passes i get over her mostly. but i have a dream with her in it and shes like haunting me in a way. so i text her this. "you are haunting my dreams you ******* whore" she doesnt answer, so i go about my day. well few days later while in middle of a project, my dad calls me up. guess who i see? two detectives in my ******* house. says its about Katherine.....CONT
#368 to #362 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
LAST ONE! so the police give it to me straight, she saved the message about calling her a whore and gave it too her, not only that but the messages she let me send to the guy she sent pics too? yeah saved those too. and around the same time someone called her in a synthesized voice threatening rape and sticking things up her ass. horrible things. but that wasnt me, and the cop saw my honesty and believed me. but still, in Illinois, that one whore comment is a misdemeanor.

ive never had problems with the police, not always done legal things but thats another story. so i got let off a bit easy, the guy calling her phone leaving the horrible message, thats a felony. but i dont get charged with that. a huge part of me feels like that was a set up. but the cop also said this girl is on chatt roulette alot. now we all know what thats for. i also find out she goes on this dating site not to meet people but just to hear that shes pretty. so adding to the atentin whoring she might be getting on chatt roullete who knows what shes doing on there. theres more secrets i dont even know about she wouldnt tell me. shes ****** up in the head.

OHHH i almost forgot what finaly prompted me to call her a whore. it was the fact i called her before my dream and a guy answered, saying hes her new boyfriend. yup she lied about it being her problems. lied to my face. shes been tormenting me for months now. but back to the police. so now im on a 60 day probation, also cant have any contact with her, now a curfew etc. its a petty law, apparently swearing in a text is illegal now. hmmph. well now shes hurt me more than she ever could know. i loved her, and she did this to me. people seem to hate her, but i didnt listen to them. i lost a few friends just by going out with this girl. by giving her a chance. and she ****** up my life. she sent me spiraling into a deep depression i need meds for, and worst of all she took my pride, she won.........Thats my story:/
#376 to #368 - parralax (01/09/2013) [-]
**parralax rolled a random image posted in comment #444873 at Anime & Manga **TL:DR
#367 to #362 - mjordanforpres (01/09/2013) [-]
yeah I'm trying to find the rest of the story haha what happened dude
#369 to #367 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
just posted it!
#358 to #351 - dishie (01/09/2013) [-]
You are awesome. And not alone.
You are awesome. And not alone.
#370 to #358 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
thanks again though for that, made me feel better man!
#359 to #358 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
thanks and the feels get worse. you will see
User avatar #356 to #351 - neokun (01/09/2013) [-]
**** hard to read with it being the one paragraph
#357 to #356 - jakeattack (01/09/2013) [-]
sorry man. il try break next one up. im writing it right now. gets worse stay with me
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