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#61 - metalcoldreaper (04/26/2014) [-]
I posted awhile back how much easier it'd be for PC gamers to play Dark souls 2.. Its probably the quickest downvoted comment i have seen in my profile because i think people were assuming i was going "PC Master race" (Even though the dev's are even saying its better on pc now? i donno.)

All the comments basically kept saying i wouldn't get past the first boss without dying, because he's so hard n **** . I beat him, first try, Barely even tried :I The nearby 2nd boss was harder but just more effort.

TLDR: Dark souls 2 is a lot easier than i was told, and its my humble opinion dark souls 1 was harder :I
#75 to #61 - cagetheelophant ONLINE (04/28/2014) [-]
Lol have you gotten to the ruin sentinels yet?
User avatar #76 to #75 - metalcoldreaper (04/28/2014) [-]
Yeah. beat it on my first try as well :I Just stand on the 2nd level and spam soul arrows.

Praise the soul arrow
#65 to #61 - bagguhsleep (04/26/2014) [-]
>master race
User avatar #66 to #65 - metalcoldreaper (04/26/2014) [-]
The **** happened there? O.o Please don't tell me thats Your PC in dark souls O.o

If it is, i'd say its a miracle you got to the damn loading screen O.o
User avatar #67 to #66 - bagguhsleep (04/26/2014) [-]
No way, guadalupe. This is someone from /dsg/.
#68 to #67 - metalcoldreaper (04/26/2014) [-]
Thats horrifying. TBH if thats how Dark souls looked to begin with i'm willing to bet it'd be 10% scarier in a way.

my pc seems to handle dark souls 2 fine, I remember seeing that post on the community thing by the devs stating that Dark souls 2 would look even better than Xbox / Playstation users. Didn't bother me either way but i just found it amusing to those who argue the difference.

Amazon Gaming console master race.
User avatar #70 to #68 - bagguhsleep (04/26/2014) [-]
I don't even know why they argue about the graphics anyhow. 60fps is nice, sure, but apparently, cheating is entirely unchecked for PC. Valve is relying solely on people not to do it, and it doesn't seem to be an effective anti-cheating strategy.

I'd much rather have a lower framerate and more jaggies than go up against a max level 0 SM infinite HP invader.
User avatar #72 to #70 - metalcoldreaper (04/26/2014) [-]
Darksouls 2:I don't even know how many frames i have, but honestly i have yet to be invaded. And i've been playing all day O.o

In 1 i had to resort to hacks sadly because there was just huge healthed people coming out of the walls and i was like..lvl 30, they were lvl w.e if superior dragon Sergal armor.

As i said, Dark souls 2 isn't bad so far, but i feel it was just a LITTLE bit over hyped. Cause literally the last giant was all i was told about how hard he was. All i did was use 35 soul arrows at his ankle :I It was fiiine.

Also the pre order items i got, i have no idea what they're point is atm, as they're kinda worse than the starting weapons. (Transgression staff v starting staff, Starting staff wins. But i would assume the transgression staff is for people who didn't start as a sorcerer...)
#62 to #61 - anon (04/26/2014) [-]
Does anyone care? I... I don't think anyone cares. Shut up and enjoy the game.
#63 to #62 - metalcoldreaper (04/26/2014) [-]
Hold the phone, An Anon doesn't care? Log in kid and accept your downvote like a man.
Hold the phone, An Anon doesn't care? Log in kid and accept your downvote like a man.
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